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    Nook App Store Categories Confusing / Redundant

      I've started a thread on the Nook Tablet Suggestions and Ideas forum here:




      The App Store organization and categories need to be fixed to be less redundant, and with fewer apps overlapping multiple inappropriate categories... Perhaps this means making fewer categories, or have broader categories be viewable and then have categories broken into sub categories... For example, there are multiple categories with Angry Birds as the representative icon, when it should really be just "Games"... The current redundancy doesn't help to find what you are looking for, and having angry birds as your "education" app icon is confusing... Also, the categories seem to be missing key apps, like music doesn't include things like pandora and rhapsody... And for example, Evernote, puffin, Dropbox, ezpdf reader, and other very useful apps are very difficult to find... The "new apps" category is also not current and seems always incomplete, missing the latest and most interesting apps added to the market .


      If you agree that the App store organization and categories needs to be improved, please click the link above and laurel that thread or add a comment! Thanks! :smileyhappy:

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          Done. And I left a few suggestions myself.

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            As a start, given the existing APP categories, the icons ought to be changed... The app icons should not show whatever app in that category has the most downloads, but instead should be curated to select the most iconic and appropriate app in that category that lets the user know what the category is about... Also, every app needs to be placed in only those categories that apply, there are alot of incorrectly categorized apps, which is confusing and makes the app categories seem redundant.  


            1. Education and Reference: *this category should not show Angry Birds as the icon*... Why not a Lonely Planet App, or a DIctionary? Angry Birds is neither an education or a reference app...


            2. Games: This is the only category that might show Angry Birds as the icon...  


            3. Children: *this should not show Angry Birds as the icon*... This is a redundant category if you are going to also have Children as a subcategory under Education adn Reference... Why not show Drawing Pad or Cat in the Hat? Or something specific to the Children Category (not a game)  


            4. Lifestyle and Interests: *this should not show Live Wallpaper Aquarium as the icon*  This is an ambiguous category... But Live wallpaper aquarium is neither a lifestyle or interest app... This belongs only under themes... Why not Epicurious?  People understand what Epicurious is...  


            5. Entertainment: *Should not show Quell, which is more appropriately under the Games Category...* Why not TuneIn Radio Pro or Netflix or Hulu?  Something that is more a video / music app?  It doesn't even belong in any of those categories.


            7. Productivity: *should not show calculator as the icon, as this is more appropriately a tool or utility app...*  Why not Evernote, Springpad, or Cozi?  


            8. Tools and Utilities: *you could show calculator, but this is a boring app... should have come free on the device* Why not Puffin Web Browser, or Quickoffice Pro?  


            9. Health and Fitness:  *should not show Alarm Clock as your app icon*.. That is more appropriately a tool / utility... Show something related to health and fitness like a fitness app...  


            10. Social: Friendcaster might be appropriate... But why not something that has better reviews, like Good Reads, Or Seesmic?  


            11. News and Weather: *should not be showing snowfall live wallpaper* That is NOT a weather app! WTF?! :smileywink:  That belongs in Themes ONLY... Why not show PULSE news reader, or My-Cast Weather Radar?... The best two apps in the category...    

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              No two app categories should be showing the same app as the icon.  It is confusing.  Also, there are many apps listed under inappropriate categories where they do not belong. Wallpapers and Screensavers should only belong under Themes.  They are not Science apps, or Lifestyle apps, or Weather Apps.  Angry Birds is a game, that is the only category it belongs under.