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    Wi Fi loss & Cordless Home Phone

      About a week ago my wife and I received our two new Nook HD+'s.  We love them and they have been a God send for my wife's eye disabilty, she is legally blind but she can now read and play games (Angry Birds).


      I'm sharing this strange Wi Fi event to inform others regarding it.


      In the evenings I like to lay in bed and read and my wife sits in a chair near the bed by her reading lamp.

      A few days ago as I lay reading I started to get messages that the Wi Fi had disconnented.  It happend two times that night but worked great during the day time hours?


      The next night we had the same problem but then I noticed that when my wife was on the cordless home phone it would cause the nook Wi Fi to disconnect.  We tested this three times that evening and every time she turned on the cordless home phone, the phone signal would cut off the Nook Wi Fi signal. The Wi Fi signal would come back up after she hung up the phone.


      Hope this helps if someone else is having a like problem with Nook Wi Fi.



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          we also had that problem with our old modem. Updating to a newer modem fixed the problem. Of course, these days we don't have either that first modem or the cordless phones.
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              The cordless phone and wireless router both operate at 2.4GHz.  The router has several channels it can use.  It is generally set to auto.  You should be able to select a specific channel (1-11).  Select different channels and see if that fixes the problem.  I haven't had a cordless phone in a long time.  You may be able to select a specific channel on the phone.  There is a free program you can install on a wireless PC called inSSIDer.  It may provide some insight into what the cordless is doing.