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    my wall charger is hissing

      The unit that plugs into the wall began hissing a few days ago. It only seems to hiss when my battery is at or below 15%, the hissing will go away as the battery gets closer to 20% and then go away and charge as normal.


      Also, if I lightly squeeze the unit between my fingers, the hissing will go away and then return when I let go. It doesn't seem to get especially hot.


      I tried calling my local B&N to get it replaced, but they said I should call CS since I bought my HD+ online. I called CS and spent 45 min between talking to them and being put on hold. I couldn't get the rep to understand that it was not my battery or device that was hissing, but the wall charger. She kept wanting me to send the reader itself back. Finally she said (before she hung up) that I'd get a new charger in 3 to 5 days and when I asked for a confiirming email, she said I'd get that in 24-48 hours. So far I haven't go either.


      Anyway, has anyone else seen this issue? I still use it, but make sure I'm in the room for the whole time and feel it now and then to make sure it's not getting overly hot.

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          I don't understand why your local store would not replace it. Call another store and see what they have to say.


          But you do need to get it replaced, don't fool around with electricity.

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            agree with post above.   It's a strange phenomenom, but I'd be worried about potential fire hazard.

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              If this were a transformer type charger I'd suspect a loose winding that is vibrating in response to the AC line frequency (does the "hiss" seem to be some multiple of 60Hz?).


              As a switching supply (I hope -- they are smaller and cover wider sources; a 120V transformer would only usable in the US, but a switching supply typically can handle european 240V too) I don't know what would be vibrating -- obviously it is load based, and the low battery is sucking up current like mad...


              I'd concur though... Just take the whole unit to a store (with the Nook near death) so you can DEMONSTRATE the "hiss" to the staff. Don't tell them it was a mail-order...


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                My charger also hisses. All the time. Plugged in or not. It really bothers me when it's quiet (usually when I'm reading), so I just don't use that charger (it is not as though they are difficult to come by).


                I hadn't tried squeezing it. I think you've just suggested a new way for people to think I'm crazy.


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                  ive been searching for two days for this topic!! recieved my nook hd (the white one) as an xmas present. i dont know when it was bought or if it was bought online/instore. I LOVEEEEE it but HATE the charger buzzing. does anyone know if the store will take the whole system away or just replace the charger? cuz i dont really want to give up my system only to start all over with orginizing and adding files and so forth.

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                    I noticed that with mine today to. I have the unit plugged into a power strip at my office. For the past two days, I thought my ears have just been ringing like crazy and it was actually the ac adapter for my nook. If you unplug it, you can hold it up to your ear and still hear is ringing for a few minutes. Flaw with the adapter possibly?

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                      Picked up a brand new Nook HD 7 inch today, and the adapter is making this hissing noise consistently. Can't believe it. Even without the Nook plugged into the adapter, as long as the adapter is on the wall, it makes this noise. Take the adapter off the wall plug, it will continue 'hissing' for another 10-20 seconds.


                      Unbelieveable. I have never bought a gadget and have this kind of quality issue before.

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                        Thank you! I love the fact that I'm not the only one suffering this problem. I just go the HD+ and i'm going to see how it goes. When I first started to charge, it was very loud sort of tv white noise (for those of us old enough, will know what i mean). Now that it's been charging for about 30 min, it seems to not be as loud; or, I'm not being as bothered by it.

                        Was there supposed to be some kind of breaking-in period for the power supply? I suppose if it keeps on going on, I will do the suggestions in this forum and take it back.


                        thanks for having this post!