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    Pubit Admin What Is Going On with publishing?

      Come on guys we need an update.  This is a very few of the angry people I have waiting for a book from 9/30.  I have gotten 100's of these. Obviously I have removed their names.  And my smashword sales have quadurpled, I don't like smashwords!   Lets go!!


      T** L** Not good enough for the most important book of the year. Poor show from the vendors
      F** S** Good to know!! I have been checking every hour lol
      L** H** I'm like Frank and have been checking every hour!!!! Feeling very impatient right now lol
      M** G** Ughhhhhhhhhhh....that's okay
      K** B** stupid Nook!
      S** C** I've been checking constantly too. However, while I wait, I've been re-reading ZF5! it's good to catch up.
      J** P** You can get it at smashword right now for Nook abd everything else.
      A** V** One of the reasons I switched from Nook to Kindle was the delay at B&N in getting books out.
      K** R** I caved and got it from Smashwords. Whatever. a book is a book no matter where you buy it. Diggin' so far!
      J** J** Erg, I've been checking n checking. I'm so frustrated with BN
      K** N** Was just on B&N looking.. grrr B&N grrrrrr! lol
      T** S** Man this book is good. Thank god I have a kindle fire!
      J** A** bout ready to trade up to the kindle
      T** C** Please please let us know. I'm waiting anxiously for it to be out on Nook!
      D** R** I just couldn't wait for Nook, I got it at smashwords as well, thank you K R for that great idea
      S** L** Just checked still a no go. Making me wait for Zombie Mayhem is not cool B&N...
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          s What about nook


          l I was hoping nook would have it too, I keep searching but no luck yet :smileysad:



          n any word on when it will be out on nook?



          r Nook??? Soon??
          s I couldn't wait for BN anymore, so I finally broke down and got ZF6 from Smashwords and sideloaded it to my nook. I can't wait to get started! I think BN missed the boat on this one.
          r I still cannot find ZF6 on Nook!
          h  Im pretty sure my clock says 2am oct 2 nd and still no ZF 6!???
          Im at loss for what to say damn B&N u make me so mad! I guess for now ill just read all these comments about how great the book is to tide me over :smileysad: