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    Nook Simple Touch Draining too fast

      My Nook Simple Touch has been draining very fast. I read for less than an hour a day before sleeping, and I've usually been fine charging my nook once every couple of weeks, but lately my nook has been going dead in 2-3 days, sometimes without having used it at all.


      Does anybody have an idea what might be causing that?

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          Do you have it in a cover? Or does the rapid drain happen while it's in a bag of any kind? I had an issue with a rapidly draining battery and figured out it was my cover. Whenever I set my nook down with the cover, I would pick it up with a dead or near dead battery. If I had put it down naked (that is, the nook was naked, not me), it was fine. I bought a new cover for when I go out. I now use it without a cover at home. It fixed the issues I was having. I do still have the battery draining when I carry the nook in my bag, sometimes. I think (because my bag is small and crammed full of stuff) that it gets woken up repeatedly while I'm carrying it. It doesn't seem to happen when I'm carrying in a less full backpack, but it happens a lot in the crowded main compartment of my little purse.

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            Is the amber charging light on, even when it's not plugged in?  If so, do a full power down and then turn it back on.  I ve had this happen occasionally and it causes it to drain quickly.

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                Every now and again, my Nook  will experience rapid battery drain. When this happens, I take a soft, lint-free cloth or a very small (artist's) brush and clean around the edges of the screen.  This fixes the problem every time.   It's possible that very fine hairs or nearly invisible pieces of fluzz can get trapped in the interface between screen and bezel.  These things can activate the sensors that control the touch-screen functions.  This will cause  rapid drain.

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                I have no idea what's causing it, but I just want to add a big ME TOO - and BN support is stonewalling me on the issue. I charged to 100% at 11:00 this morning, and by 8:00 p.m., with zero reading time, it was down to 88%.  This is the second Nook I've had since October that behaved this way - perfect for a month, then draining way too fast.  I returned the first and will return this one (had to fight BN to return the first one, purchased the second at Best Buy which allows returns until the end of January).