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    Partition questions

      I have an older NC with the original partitioning.  I'm a little confused as to what goes where.  As I understand it, apps are in the 1GB B&N partition and any sideloaded content goes in the larger 5GB section.  Where do B&N books go? What about magazines?


      I don't have or plan to have many apps.I don't use the NC for videos or the like. Aside from an occasional library book, I really don't sideload books, either.  Most of my content consists of  B&N books and two magazine subscriptions.  Right now, I have 711 MB free on the B&N side (so it's 76% full) and 3 GB out of 5 on the other.  Would it be wise for me to have it re-partitioned or am I better off keeping it as it is?

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          With the numbers you give, I would stay with what you have.  The B&N books and magazines are installed in the 5GB user partition on the original NCs, but in the 5GB B&N reserved partition in the new partitioning, so new ones won't eat up any more of your current 1GB reserved partition, except for the children's read-to-me and interactive books which are actually apps and, threrefore, are installed in the 1GB reserved partition.  And possibly the new interactive magazines which are also apps. 


          And those kinds of children's books and interactive magazines do eat up a lot of storage, so if you plan on acquiring a lot of those, you may need to repartition in the future.  For right now, you should be OK.  I waited until I started getting not-enough-memory messages when installing apps before I repartitioned.  That occurred at under 400mb free in the 1GB partition, although it later happened at under 700mb after I did a factory reset and tried reinstalling all my apps.  I think the 1.4.1 version does different calculations for determining memory requirements.


          Also, I noticed you have used 2GB of the 5GB user partition.  If you repartition, you will only have 1GB in that user partition for sideloaded material, so you may need an expansion card, although all your books and magazines which are currently part of that 2GB in that 5GB user partition would be installed in the new 5GB reserved partition so you will not have 2GB of stuff to put in the new smaller 1GB user partition.  So after the books and magazines are subtracted out of the 2GB, you may have enough space in the 1GB partition for your sideloaded items.

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              Thanks so much!  Knowing that the B&N books go into the 5GB section makes all the difference.  I have no plans to get any of the children's books (I like actually doing the reading aloud myself when I read to my grandsons) and I'm not into apps very much.  Mostly I'm a reader. 


              I have to admit to being uneasy about making a change that is reversible only with difficulty.So I think I'll just keep it as it is.