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    Help line unavailable for PubIt when the community posts don't help

      If Amazon can do it for Kindle ebooks surely PubIt can. I've checked on old posts for answers to my problem and apparently people are still having it. How about a real live human being to answer a call line? Back in 2010 PubIt was asking for patience in ironing out the kinks. Really? 2010! No one replies when you send in an email. We are forced to seek answers online, often getting inaccurate and conflicting solutions.


      My text shows up fine. I've embedded my cover image in my book file before the title page. I even zipped the file. And, it STILL doesn't show up when previewed on either nook or the color nook. I've tried everything. Apparently, I'm not alone in this because I see others posting. Why do you have to make the process so complicated?


      Someone in PubIt needs to clarify embedded images and give a definitive set of instructions that will work for everyone. I'm a writer not a technician. It would help to have a call line!