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    Email App closes suddenly with a button to "Force Close"

      I've had my tablet for months, without a problem.I use a gmail account I created specifically TO use on the tablet. Suddenly, it began to "crash". The email app would disappear, and a window would pop up that said it stopped working unexpectedly and there was a button I had to touch which said "Force Close".


      I took it to the store, where they did a factory reset. This did help for some days, but it's back to doing the same thing. I was back at the store today, where I stood around for nearly an hour while they discussed it, passed me on to another associate in media who would phone tech support. That took a lengthy amount of time, with no resolution. MAYBE, they said, the new updates will fix it when they come out with new devices possibly in November. The were unwilling to replace the device when "only" the email app was non functional!  The email app was the main reason I purchased the tablet in the first place!  I don't use many apps, and only use the reader sporadically. I wanted a way to be able to access my email away from my desktop.

      I have lost the faithful loyalty I felt for Barnes and Noble, since they will not stand behind the product that I bought as it was promoted.

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          Something I would check but can't guartantee will fix your issue:


          1) On a desktop computer login to your Gmail account

          2) Click on the cogwheel top right

          3) click Settings

          4) click on the tab labeled "Forwarding and POP/IMAP"

          5) make sure IMAP is enabled

          6) click "Configuration Instructions"

          7) click "Android"

          8) make sure the settings match what is set in the Email App on your Nook


          good luck to you

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              Thank you; I just checked all you suggested and it is all set up as you described. The thing is that the email app worked properly for many months before this happened. It happened spontaneously and when they did the factory reset, it worked properly again for a short time before it started to again "stop working unexpectedly and Force Close" on me.  I don't think it's the server or my provider, but the App itself, or the device's configuration which is preprogrammed. I cannot delete and reinstall the email app. sigh


              Thansk again.