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    Kudos to Customer Service

      When something is wrong we often hear the complaints loud and clear.  I resemble that remark.  But I also like to give compliments when someone does a good job. I had two $20 gift cards on my account.  Yesterday I bought 5 apps. Somehow both  my cards got deducted for the purchases.


      I called customer service first thing this morning.  Initially was only on hold a couple of minutes and the sales service lady sent me to the sales audit dept. where I was on hold about 8 minutes and then got disconnected somehow.


      I called back and Nicole (sales service) and Alex (sales audit) had me all fixed up in about 5 minutes and 1 minute of that was holding for the audit dept.  By the time I hung up with Alex and checked my gift card balances I had my $8.66 back.  I know it is not a whole lot of money but to me it is and of course it is MY money.


      Everyone was very nice and helpful. Thank you Barnes and Noble.


      By the way I did order these from the Nook so I hope that didn't cause the problem.  I clicked on the notification about new apps and ordered them from there.  Hmm wonder if that had something to do with it?

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          No. Gift cards at the moment are double billing. One is pre auth. And the other the charge. They are aware of it.
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            Planetgreen - thanks for the heads up. I will wait on any more orders and test only 1 item when I do order again. Don't want to make orders thinking I have enough on my cards and have it deducted from my debit card.
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              Hi jamartMF, what is this:


               I clicked on the notification about new apps and ordered them from there.




              Do you get a notification about new apps from B&N itself?


              Could you please let me know what it looks like and what apps (from what companies) are included. thank you!


              Also what days does this arrive?

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                5ivedom, Now that you ask I am not sure the notification is coming from B&N.  It shows up at the top of the Nook HD+ 32gb, where all notifications and alerts show up, about once a week or so.  I got it the first time right after the last update so I assumed it got pushed out by B&N with the update.  When I select it it shows a very large carousel of mostly games but some are like alarm clock, calculator and such.


                After your question I went back and looked and they are all developed by Agile Fusion.  The five I bought were Bingo, Yatzy, Jigsaw Puzzle, Mahjong Solitaire, and Slots.  It was bad enough if they are sent by B&N it sort of reminded me of cheaper kindles with the ads and I didn't get the discount LOL..  But it wasn't intrusive so I didn't let it bother me.  I didn't see a way to opt out of the notifications either..Each app description says " (game name) for Nook Family of Devices by Barnes and Noble".


                If you learn any more about this let me know please.  I hope it is not some back door to get in my Nook.


                Any one else getting this notification?  I sure don't remember requesting anything from this company.


                This Notification came on Saturday or Sunday.  I am pretty sure it was Sunday.  I will watch and let you know next time it shows up.  BTW can't wait till you get some more of your apps updated for the HD+.


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                  agilefusion wrote the code for parts if the Nooks (on the NC, wrote some of the stock games and the gallery - which is why I remember - I complained to him about lack of functionality on the gallery app.)  Thought their website said they wrote/programmed the Nook catalogs for HD's but not seeing it their now. Just go to their website and check it out.


                  re: the notifications. I'm not getting them now, but I cant remember if that is part of the reason that I removed the one app I had purchased from them. It was either that or that their calculator app had access to my contacts (which made no sense to me, so I removed the app.


                  Hope that helps.

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                    Hello PlanetGreen.
                    As app developer we don't have any access nor control over the purchase flow. The purchase process is handled by nook system (barnes and noble) inside the Shop application on Nook
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                      AgileFusion wrote:
                      Hello PlanetGreen.
                      As app developer we don't have any access nor control over the purchase flow. The purchase process is handled by nook system (barnes and noble) inside the Shop application on Nook

                      Whad I do ?




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                        I am glad that you had a good experience and your issue was resolved.  I, unfortunately, have not been so lucky.  I have been having the same issue with being double charged on two cards, and my issue is still not resolved.  I spent two day/ three hours...spoke with NINE different people.  The last person finally actually saw that YES, there was an error and told me that she was going to submit this to the "gift card dept." and I would have my money back in 48 hours....well, still waiting...and debating whether I really want to (have the time to) try to contact customer service again.  *sigh*  It is frustrating, but I feel better knowing that this isn't only happening to me....so they are most likely addressing the double charge issue.  I have other books I am waiting to order, but with the double charges, I do not have enough of a balance if they double charge again...and I don't want my credit card on file being charged.  Anyway...THANKS for sharing.