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    If a book doesn't appear on the NC, is there *any* recourse other than reregistering?

      I bought an ebook on bn a few days ago online, and now tried to download it on my nook.  It won't appear.


      I've tried several combinations of:


      * archiving, syncing, unarchiving, syncing


      * doing a soft reset


      * sideloading the file into the "B&N Downloads/Books" directory


      I do know that I can sideload the file into the "My Files" directory, and it is readable that way, though it

      won't appear with the other BN books on the homepage.


      I know I'm not the first one to have the problem.  The only other solution I've seen is to deregister

      and register.  My questions are:


      Is that actually certain to work?




      Is there anything else I can try first?