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    For your Consideration: Tyme and Yon Serpent

      Tyme and Yon Serpent 


      Thank you for your interest.  This will be the first of a series involving the foundation of the Dhuras Protectorate. 

      • Epic Fantasy
      • Free Sample of the first 55 pages
      • Additional story information related via the Facebook page


      5 strangers are drawn together from their individually threatened lives. The 'Otherworlders' are quested by Divine Intervention to seek and destroy the source of an "instability" that may destroy the very world they've come to: post-cataclysmic Bu'Kre'Nunkt.
      While they search for clues they must learn to adapt, survive, and deal with the culture clash of each other.

      This book is considered the first in the series chronicling the beginning adventures of the Dhuras Protectorate. As the Epic Fantasy begins, the "Otherworlders" navigate a magically possessed topiary garden, several miles of giant-insect-ridden farmland, and the sprawling city at its center.

      More information available at the storefront page.


      Again, thanks for taking an interest.

      -MJ Holmes-