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    Purchasing Nook Books

      I always download the sample of a book to see if it is something I will enjoy before purchasing.  When I finish reading the sample pages I use the option at the top "BUY NOW".  At this point, it will take me to the overview page with the price listed and asks me to confirm.  Upon clicking the confirm button I am asked for my password.  When the password is accepted, the purchase goes through.  Shortly thereafter, an email is sent to me with a receipt for the purchase.  The issue I have had two times now is that the email will come after my purchase with a price different than that on the confirmation page.  I did write to BN and there answer was to make sure I go to my computer and look up the nook book prior to purchase as they do change the prices.  That is just ridiculous. I would think that if you were connected to BN to make the purchase, the most recent price should be shown.  Has anyone else encountered this issue?   

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          I have numerous times and you are right, if you confirm for one price,, that should be the price.  I have noticed that there are different prices for the same book in my wishlist on Nook, the bn website, and recommendations in the Nookfriends app. Whenever this happens to me, I let then know about it and oftentimes get satisfaction.