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    iPad and The Daily

      When using the B&N app on iPad, I can get to my library but nowhere else  ( i.e. I can't  get to The Daily, etc.) I don't have a problem when on laptop. Probably something simple but just can't figure it out....anyone got the solution?

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          I brought one of my companies IPADs home to see what all the fuss is about (working in IT does have some benefits). Installed the IPAD ereader and it looks like you can't

          1) View The Daily (at least not through the eReader app - I'd guess you could do it via Safari)

          2) Sideload using ADE - this is a real killer!!!!


          Looks like all you can do is browse / purchase from BN and (of course) download and read books from My Library.


          Just started looking, so i may be missing something.