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    Nook loosing touch, erasing shelves and Page 1 of 1 issues.

      Alright. Here is what happened. Twice now my nook has lost touch detection and when I do get it restarted my shelf (called Currently Reading) is still there but empty.

      Also, I'm getting the issue where the home page shows Page 1 of 1 for my currently reading book even though it has over 400 pages. I had this problem before but fixed it (or so I thought) by moving all my books onto an external memory card.

      I'm wondering if doing a reset on the devices will help? Also, how do I go about even doing that?

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          I assume this is Nook Simple Touch Reader.

          Regarding the page 1 of 1 on the Home Screen;

          One of the things that can cause this is an improper disconnect from your computer. This can be either a user error disconnecting the device from the PC or a software error on your PC or the nook. The problem can affect one or more books on your nook. There is apparently a data file on the nook that stores the last page read for the home screen and it can become corrupted.


            1. Plug the nook into the computer and remove the affected books.
            2. Disconnect the nook from your PC by opening Windows Explorer, right click on each of the nook drives and select eject.
            3. Plug the nook back into the computer and copy the book back to your nook drive.

          After disconnecting from the computer, the first time you try to open that book it should give a pop up complaining about a document error and throw you back to your library. Opening the book again should take you to the last page read and your home screen should display correctly.



          Regarding the Touch lock-up and loss of Shelf contents;

          I haven't run into either of those issues. There is a post in the General Discussion forum about someone who experienced intermittent lock-ups and it turned out to be dust or a hair caught on the edge of the screen blocking the infrared emmiter or receptor. You may want to try cleaning the screen (especially around the edges) with a lens cloth. I know I found an eyelash around the edge of mine once.



          Regarding a Reset;

          Hold the power button down on the nook for 20 seconds to power off (pp 12 of 102 in the manual on your Nook). Pressing the power button to start it up again is supposed to perform the reset.

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            Shelf contents


            If you copy all books included in shelves in main memory, no problems with shelves (you never will be 0)....if you have the books in memory card, the problem will be present. I have a 8gb memory card....the single novels are in memory card but book series are in main memory and no problems, I plug and unplug from PC and power off and on the nook and my shelves are full.

            This is a bug in nook simple touch.


            Page 1 of 1 are another bug but I don't know which is the problem.....main vs memory card too? hehe, I will study this!


            I have 1.1.0 version and RESET not is the solution. I deregister nook and register and nothing, the problem is present.




            (sorry for my english)

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                I have the same Shelves problem. This only started to happen after my device was automatically updated to 1.1.0. This happens after shut down the e-reader and then start it again. If not shutting it down, the contents of the shelves are fine.


                It is very annoying considering I spent over 15 min organizing half of my books in Shelves and then all gone from the Shelves after restarted the e-reader.