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    Removing margins on picture book

      I'm trying to submit an html file for conversion to the Nook. I originally used larger images, but those would extend below the page margin in the preview. So the images now all have a width of 600 pixels and a height of 800 (cover) or 900 (rest of pages). (I understand the screen is 600 x 730 pixels.) For some reason, the images look like they have a 100 pixel margin all the way around. I want them to fit the viewable area in the Nook preview window. Does anyone know what's going on and how I fix this?

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          Here's what I did:

          Cover,  850 by 850 pixels. Had to do new cover as the size was too small.

          I used Word 2003.  Inserted pictures into text.Used page breaks before and after pictures, not section breaks. In Word 2003 it worked just fine.

          To use the pictures in Word, I saved as PNG in MS Paint. That is what Word accepts.

          The pictures fit the page. I had done the pictures in MS Paint with 600 by 800 inches for printing. Those same pictures did fine in Word. Saved the book as .doc.

          The nook preview was fine.

          I didn't use html or anything else. The simple way worked fine. I used the same Word ,doc for kindle and had no problems.

          All the directions to upload to nook and kindle can be confusing. I read a lot before doing it.

          Post if you need anything.

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            I have been trying to upload my book and I am having trouble with it. My book is all photos, and once I upload it the preview shows the right side of every picture is cut off. I have done a Kindle version of my book and didn't have any issues. What am I doing wrong? I am using Microsoft Word.