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    Nook Color Doing Strange Things!

      Last night, while playing Words With Friends, my NC suddenly started acting crazy. The screen,on its own, startied getting huge than going small then getting large and I couldn't stop it. I tried three times to turn it off and it finally shut down. Today It ran fine on another game I was playing but while trying to play WWF, I got a message that an update was available and I had to clikc on the "OK" button. It took me to the B & N screen to purchase it. I have already purchased it. I then tried to see if there were any upgrades on the Apps page and there was one for WWF. I downloaded the update but I kept getting the message that I had "low application memory" so I have archived almost all of my apps.  The update did install but when I tried to play WWF, I got the original message that took me back to the buy screen.  In otherwords, it looks like I have to rebuy the game if I want to keep playing it.


      Something is wrong. I wouldn't think that the update would take up so much room. Is this normal? Why do I have to rebuy the game?







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          Same thing happened to me. If you Archive and then Unarchive it you should be fine.
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            Good to hear that archive/unarchive works with Words with Friends to resolve the problem.  It's a really helpful first step to try, but not always bulletproof, and if it fails the next thing to do is let both the app developer and Alex know - there was a point where Epicurious could neither update nor be archived and successfully unarchived, and that went on for a painful length of time. 


            The resolution was driven in large part by trouble reports here, it seemed, as these forums are better venues for detailed trouble reporting than the phone support number is. 

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              I have the n2a card and my nook color is powering its self off when I try to put it to sleep. It also keeps reloading websites over and over to the point of being non useble.


              I have tried to report it to n2a but their website is stupid. I have tried 3 times to contact support and I keep getting forms to fill out and it goes around and around in circles. I am past frustration. I love my card up until now. the support has been excellent but I can't get through. Has anyone else had this problems, and if so how did you slove it if you did. thanks for any help I can get.



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                I am soo happy that i bought an n2a card. I don't know about the other companies but Alex is really great. I guess I managed to send in a work ticket because Alex emailed me with instructions and a link to download my software again. i did and everything is working great again. I think his customer service is really great. His customer service goes beyond my expectations. Great work Alex. :smileyhappy:



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                  Lulugirl asks "Repartitioning kind of concerns me. What will it do? Will that really help and if I don't like it can it be reversed?"


                  When your NC shipped, it was set up with 1 gig for BN apps, and 5 gig for books, magazines and things you wanted to put on the NC yourself. 


                  After repartitioning, you have 5 gig for BN apps, books and magazines and 1 gig for things you put on yourself (music, PDF files, your own books.) 


                  Also, the process completely reformats your NC, so be sure to make your own copy of anything you have put there before you repartition. If you were rooted to start with, repartitioning will remove that. 


                  CS is right, repartitioning will help a lot with the out of memory errors you are getting when you install apps. 


                  Be sure that after you have it done, the store also gets your Nook OS back to the release you were running when it came in - one poster in this thread wound up being reverted from 1.4 to 1.2 because the store didn't remember to check that.


                  The store cannot undo the process.  It is possible to undo it for yourself, but not that easy - I have instructions here for how to do it on your own:



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                    Thanks for all of the help!  I don't have anything on my NC except for things I have purchased from B & N (Apps and free books). I am not very techie so don't really know how to do the sideloaded stuff. I do have a N2A card. Will I still be able to use the N2A card if I have it repartitioned?