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    Nook color loses wifi signal when main pc is streaming Pandora

      I know this sounds weird, but when I run pandora on my home PC, my nook color will not connect to the wifi, even though it sees the signal and it is strong.

      My router is a Netgear N600 dual band (WNDR3400), running win 7 64 bit on the pc.

      I've tried powering down the nook, turning off and turning on the wifi on the nook, and the only thing that seems to fix the problem is shutting down the pandora app on the PC. (This is not always a desireble fix as sometime my family likes streaming music while I am working on the nook)

      Other devices connected to the wifi still work, and no other programs on the PC seem to have the same effect.

      Any ideas? (Note. the pandora app is running on the PC and not the nook, and it is a different account)


      (I have searched the forums and found nothing similar, so my appologies if this question has been answered. The next step is to check with Netgear and maybe Pandora, but one step at a time.)