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    nook hd + problems with win 8

      hi everyone

      i was wondering if anyone can help? windows 8 does not recognise my nook when connected through a usb,makes a couple of dings but nothing.all my other devices are fine.nook works fine on win 7.does anyone have the reason for this ?any help would be appricated.thankyou


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          You may get a better response if you post this in the HD/HD+ forum instead of the NC forum.


          I have had no problems with Win 8 recognizing my HD+ - my only suggestion is to make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player.


          Good luck!

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            Like Swamprat, I've had no difficulty with connecting my HD+ to Win8.  I had the original Win8.0 and now have Win8.1, and both are fine.

            The Nook HD+ shows up in the file section.

            File>This PC>My Nook

            And I didn't have to do anything to it.

            Have you tried looking under This PC rather than Desktop or Documents?

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              When you say "not recognized" do you mean in device manager or in Windows Explorer.  In Windows Explorer (This PC) the HD+ will not show up as a drive -- it should show up as an MTP device. 

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                Just out of interest, when your Nook is hooked up to your pc, tap the notifications area, and it should tell you whether you have the device connected as a media device or a camera. Tap on the notification to change the connection type.  Mine is connected as a media device and is using MTP.  The other option is connected as a camera using PTP.

                Maybe that is a factor.....