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    Still No Preorder for Kings of the North

      I'm anxiously awaiting Kings of the North, the second book in the new Paksworld series by Elizabeth Moon. It has been available as a Kindle preorder for what seems like forever (the last several weeks, if not a few months). It's even available on Apple's iBooks, and they've only had Random House books available for sale for two days!


      It still isn't available on the nook, and I'm afraid that it might not be--though I'm also hoping that B&N is just putting it out really late. Who knows, when The Land of Painted Caves will be out in just under a month and I was able to preorder that one last October!


      I contacted Random House last week, the publisher of Kings of the North, and they said it's up to B&N to make it available for sale. Of course there's nothing on the B&N site except a "tell the publisher you want this in NOOKbook format" button.


      Does anyone else find this as frustrating as I do? I just want to fork over some casn and read the ebook in my preferred format--preferably starting at midnight on release day! As it is, no one can confirm whether or not that will be possible.


      SIGH. Thanks for letting me rant, I'm not normally so anxious for new releases, but Elizabeth Moon is my favorite author.