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    It's been great

      After over 1 1/2 years, I am saying farewell to this great forum.  Last night, I bought a Nexus 7 and I have passed my Nook Color on to my girlfriend.  The NC has been great and a day hasn't gone by when I haven't used it.  Unfortunately, it's a bit long in the tooth and I found myself wanting a faster tablet.  I have enjoyed posting and reading on this forum and I hope everyone has a great holiday.

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          Cheers! I'll most likely be following you when my NC dies...
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            Congrats and probable go Nexus like tablet when like stolenmoment my nook color goes.

            Just tired of the hemmed in corral. And no word from the gatekeeper on fixes,upgrades,etc...

            And rolled my own CM7 android experience to give me back choices and many more features. But realize now to pay more attention to having a more general and open tablet to customize my way of using it.

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              Don't get rid of you Nook.....keep it and take control of your own device.


              I purchased my Nook in Feb of 2011 and had it rooted the same day.  I have always run my ROMs from internal.  None of that sd card stuff because I really don't like or use B&N"s interface.


              I was given a N7 for my birthday back in July, but just couldn't part with my Nook.  I am now running PA 4.1.2 and it is very smooth and fast.  Not as fast as the N7, but still fast!!!  Anyone looking to dump the Nook owes it to themselves to at least give this a try!!!



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                YAY!!! I ditched my NC about 8 months ago for the Nexus 7 and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's been the best purhcase.  I use it all the time, took it to Hawaii and watched movies on the plane.  it's super fast!!  you'll never look back.  I even rooted my color and it just wasn't worth it.  Enjoy your N7, I know you will!!