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    Few questions from a "non-techie"?

      I would like to upgrade from the very first Nook to the Glowlight but have some questions? I am NOT a techie so please don't laugh if these questions sound very basic... OK? First I would like opinions on the clarity of text between the ORIGINAL Nook & the Glowlight. Is the difference enough to make the purchase? Secondly I have read a lot about the amount of memory on the Glow. I get most of my reading from B& N with a few from the library. If I unregister my Nook to get rid of all the sideloaded books I put onto my Nook when I went a little crazy when I first got it, will I still be able to pull my B& N stuff from the nook library on the website, or will I lose them too? And lastly, if books are archived on the B&N website, do they take up memory space on the Nook? Marie
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          The original Nook and the NST have about the same clarity level. Some say the new glow is less clear, others say it's not enough to be significant. You'll need to judge for yourself. As for your B&N library, it will download pretty much automatically to the new one. Your archived books will not take up any space. If you want to keep any side loaded content you'll need to copy it manually to the new one. HTH
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            If you have your sideloaded content on a microSD card in your current Nook you can just move it to the new one.  I had no problems with that when I went from my 3G 1st gen to the N2E/NST.