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    so, can how can i have a nookcolour in canada and actually use it and download nookbooks??

      Maybe I've worded my previous questions incorrectly...


      I just want to be able to buy a NC and use it back in Canada...I've read on here that you can somehow register your NC in America with any American address and use your Visa as long as it has an American mailing address?? So what if I used some made up visa address in the States and started using my NC back home in Canada...will I be able to purchase any book even if I'm in Canada using a Wi-Fi/3G network??


      Does any of this make sense?? I'm not sure how else to word it?? I read that a NC will work anywhere, as long as you makeup an American address, but once I'm back in Canada, will B&N be able to "located" my position back in Canada, therefore, not allowing me to buy the nookbooks that are only available in the States??...there did that clear it up?? 


      Oh please help!:womansad: