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    The Job: Based on a True Story (I Mean, This is Bound to have Happened Somewhere)

      Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know The Job is available for Nook here at B&N.com. It is an exploration of spiritual themes through humor. To learn more about "The Job," check out the Facebook page or my blog.


      "Joe B. enjoys the sweet life as a vice president at a huge conglomerate, Universal Whirligig. But along with the Big Boss’ favor, he has also gained the notice of a bitter human resources manager, Luci Fernandez. Hateful of any success but her own, Luci manages to get him demoted to the mailroom! A rollicking comedy of errors follows as Joe B. tries to figure out what's happened to him, and attempts to get a meeting with the Big Boss.

      "Joe B.'s great expectations have taken an all-over twist. His family is forced to make a series of hard adjustments, and he gets only lame comforts from a string of the worst friends anyone could have. Will he finally track down the cause of his frustrations? Or will he only learn a lesson about what it is to be the boss, and that what is apparent is often only a shadow of a greater ongoing good? "The Job" is a comic tragedy, a modern parable of ancient troubles and truths."


      Midwest Book Review calls it "A humorous and enlightening read, highly recommended."


      Grace Krispy of MotherLode.com says, "The brilliance of this relatively short book is in its simple writing style and humorous outlook."


      Please give it a look. Good reading!