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    Top 10 Nook HD and HD+ Issues + Workarounds

      Please Note: This is just a list of the most common issues. The aim is to have the workarounds/solutions in ONE THREAD so that it's easy for new HD and HD+ owners to find.


      I'll add Issues and solutions one by one.



      PLEASE DO NOT add anything about breaking DRM and rooting as otherwise this thread will get removed.


      First Issue: How to transfer Library Books and Books bought from other stores that support ePub to Nook HD and HD+.


      First Solution (via Jeremy (Jeremy)): (If solution works for you please thank him at the thread linked to below the solution).



      If you have had problems getting to see your HD/HD+ so that you can transfer your public library books, do not dispair.  Here is one solution:


      1) Activate your ADE acct on your HD/HD+.  [Settings>Account Setting>ADE]

      2) Dowload book from public library to ADE on PC.

      3) Connect HD/HD+

      4) On PC, Open Explorer>Libraries>Documents>My Digital Editions


           ALTERNATELY:Computer>Local disc C>Users>Name>My Documents>My Digial Editions


      5) Select book

      6) Drag and drop or "Copy to folder". I selected My Files>Books on the HD

      7) Disconnect HD. Open My Files>Books. Find book. Press and hold, and Add to Home.






      Thread if you want more details: http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/t5/NOOK-HD-HD-Support/Getting-ADE-to-work-on-HD-HD/td-p/1423134/jump-to/first-unread-message

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          Issue #2: Shelves disappear.


          Solution: Use Good Reads or Calibre.


          Solution courtesy CompulsiveReader:  Shelving solution using Calibre.




          The first post has all the details on how to use Calibre.


          Related: How to Access your Calibre Library from HD and HD+ via WiFi: http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/t5/NOOK-HD-HD-Support/Accessing-Your-Calibre-library-from-you-HD-HD-over-wifi/m-p/1412260#U1412260

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            Thank you 5ivedom. I'm going to be refering back to it when if I run into any of these problems. Nice job!

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              I don't know if anyone else has mentioned that you can just download the Overdrive app for library books and DRM free books. Works great and no need to plug into your computer.
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                just bumping it up for the new folks to the board

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                    Ghost SD card files in media players

                    Ghost picture, song and video files can appear in the built in Gallery and Music Player apps. These are duplicate copies of songs, pictures and videos stored on an SD card that won't play. 

                    Music - if you tap on a ghost, the device skips to the first music file it can play in that album or 'sorry the player does not support this type of audio file' message if whole album is ghost;

                    Photo - Gallery shows two or three thumbs of the same photos and blank spaces - you may only see a scattering of pictures interspersed with blank spaces rather than the more usual solid grid of thumbnails. When you click onto a photo to view in full screen, the bar at the bottom of the device shows gaps in the thumbs available for viewing and if you swipe the screen to move to the next photo you get 'Thumbnail not available' message on black screen for the ghosts

                    Video - Seems to be an 'unsupported' message that comes up when you click on the ghost.


                    I have a call in to 3rd line CS support about this - first line and their managers didn't know what was updated in 2.0.5 - and will add what they say to my own findings:


                    Getting rid of ghosts


                    Nuclear option is to erase and deregister the device.

                    It works, but it is a pain as you lose passwords, bookmarks and any sideloaded files - so make sure you have copies of all login names, passwords and back up copy files on your pc before you do it. 

                    Turn device off, take card out, turn device back on, go to settings cog>Device Information>Erase & Deregister Device.

                    Re-attach to wifi & re-register.

                    I have then just inserted the SD card, which is read by the device and my files appear only once in the gallery and music player.


                    Laborious option is to delete the files individually.

                    This worked for ghost music files:

                    Open music player

                    Open Album and you will see multiple copies of songs listed

                    tap on first song to play and watch like a hawk to see which song it actually plays (highlighted in blue)

                    The ones above that are ghosts to be deleted.

                    The song highlighted in blue that plays is the version you want to keep.

                    In my case, the song I wanted to keep was always the last copy of that song listed. This meant that for a block of identical songs, I could delete all but the last in the list.

                    To delete, tap and hold on a song title.

                    You get a menu offering Play, Add to Playlist, Delete, Search

                    Tap Delete

                    You get a warning that this will permanently delete the song from USB storage (but for ghosts it won't)

                    Tap ok

                    I then did a quick check of the album to make sure I had good copies of all the songs.

                    The ghosts stay deleted and do not reappear when the device is shut down.

                    (unless the device fails to recognise the sd card when started up again....but that's another story!)


                    This method didn't seem to work for me with photo files, but I may have given up too soon! I ended up with 1,900 odd copies of my 260 photos and I was deleting the multiples that I could see but couldn't delete the blank spaces. It may have been that if I kept deleting what I could see and powering the device down and up and repeating I may have cleared the lot. 


                    Not sure about Video files, as I focussed on photo and music files. Maybe someone who has been 'exploring' the video file issues could chip in :smileyhappy:


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                        SD card Ghost issue - Advanced Debugging

                        I also posted a couple of weeks ago that putting the device into advanced debug mode and removing the sd without unmounting it, rebooting the machine, replacing the sd and rebooting the machine seemed to kind of work. It was very hit or miss, and I suddenly took fright after reading on XDA how delicate sd cards were. (Am I wrong here? I read that if card is corrupted each reformat takes a year off their short life?)

                        But to get the device into advanced debug mode:

                        settings cog>All settings>Device Information

                        Press volume up button to full on and hold (it will bleep)

                        Tap the screen between the word 'Settings' and the blue volume bar

                        Diagnostic info screen comes up

                        Diagnostic info>Debug and Diagnostics> Advanced Debugging> check the box

                        This seemed to help, and sends activity reports via wifi which may get the techies working on it sooner.

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                            Avoiding Ghost files in the first place


                            Until resolved by future update, keep all files in device memory

                            Roustabout mentioned this one - until the sd card is more stable keep files on the device only and do not use the sd card for file storage.

                            There was also an issue with 2.0.4 version of the software secretly corrupting files written via the device onto the sd card - not sure if this issue applies to 2.0.5 as well. Dragging files from pc to sd via card reader should prevent this problem.

                            I only have a 16GB device and 20GB of music, so putting all files onto device wasn't ideal for me.

                            I settled on keeping the photo files, which I can't deghost by deleting, on the devices internal memory and music and video files, which I can deghost by deleting, on the sd card.


                            Do not turn device on & access music player/ gallery if sd card removed temporarily

                            I have been removing my sd card from the device after powering down and adding files via card reader from my pc.

                            If you do this, keep the device switched off until you replace the sd card complete with new files and THEN switch the device back on.  No ghosts and the new files show up ok.


                            On one occasion I powered up the device and looked at the gallery to see which videos I had put onto the device's internal memory, checked the media player to see if albums and songs appeared to still be in place in spite of the sd card being removed (they were), powered down, put SD card back, powered up & voila ghosts.


                            Avoid other known triggers

                            I have also created ghosts by:

                            - Trying to create a play list, though it may well be that I had tried to include a music file that had been corrupted during the 'write to sd via usb and device on 2.0.4' process;

                            - Accidently copying a zip file to sd via device usb;

                            - Swapping SD cards over with different file heirachies, even though I powered down before removing sd's;

                            - Deleting a bunch of non ghost files and leaving ghosts in my music player.

                            So carefully avoiding this lot now!




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                        Thank you Jeremy, that worked for my first book. However the second book keeps giving me an error message on the nook saying that the book has been returned. It hasn't, and I was able to read a few pages on my desktop.....I deleted from pc and nook 3 times, re downloaded and dragged to nook, still no dice. Any clue?
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                            I had the exact same problem.  I was able to drag and drop to get my first ebook from the public library onto my Nook, but the next time I repeated the process and it gave me the error message that the book had already been returned.  I checked the library website and I still had 13 days.  So I tried another book with the same results.


                            My public library doesn't use Overdrive, it uses Axis 360 so that solution doesn't work for me.

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                            If you have rooted your HD device or are using an N2A card, you might be interested in Calibre Companion app. I just did a review for it earlier in this forum. When 5ivedom brought up his app, and then it got shot down for the "open to read" aspect", I went back to my Calibre Companion app and really explored it. Found several great things it does that I LOVE! Not as pretty as a graphic room, but pretty good! It wouldn't let me paste the link but I saw that link button up there and gave it a shot. Hope it works. If not, look for it in the forum.


                            Calibre Companioin Review


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                                Although many POP3 email setups default to deleting mail from the server, POP3 does not need to be set up that way.  


                                If you use the excellent k9 email app, you can set it to poll email via pop3 and not delete off the server.  



                                Account Settings


                                Fetching Mail


                                When I delete a message - do not delete on server


                                Sync Server Deletions - remove messages when deleted on server


                                These settings let me, at least, check mail from my phone and HD+ (via pop3) and webmail (imap) clients, but until I fire up my PC mail stays put (and even then, I control how long mail stays on the server before I choose to delete it.)  

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                                5ivedom, The wifi on mine is still not working
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                                  I am having a very annoying problem that I can't seem to find any help for!


                                  I bought the Nook HD+ the day it was released.  I adjusted all my settings and I always turn my sounds all the way off.  Alarms, Notifications, and Media are all at 0.  However, whenever I charge the Nook, the notification/alarm/alert still goes off and at FULL VOLUME!  I have to bury it under a pile of clothes at night so it doesn't wake me up, and sometimes that doesn't even work.  Also, when the battery gets to 5% the notification/alarm/alert also goes of at full volume, but then it goes of CONTINUOUSLY until I plug it in!!!


                                  I tried emailing support but they gave me this library resyncing work around that didn't work.  I updated to the latest software early this morning and was hoping somehow the issue would be resolved, but it wasn't.


                                  Please, please, please help!!!

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                                    I have a question/issue with the profiles on my new Nook HD. I set up a profile for myself and then one for my husband. We have separate Facebook accounts. I am logged into mine on my profile but when he goes into his profile, My facebok is logged in on his. Do we just have on continuously log in and out when switched profiles or is there a way to fix this in a setting or something. Thanks in advance for any and all advice/help!

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                                      I bought Nook HD+ last night but I was not able to play with it. After charging the device, I set-up my profile and a few minutes later the device hang and went on reboot mode. It got stucked to 99% and never came back up. I read commets from other users who has the same issue with a Nook but there's really no solution except going to the store and get a replacement. Is this common problem for Nook HD?

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                                        It seems that the new number one HD / HD+ issue since 2.1 update adding google play / android apps is:

                                        ! Your device isn't compatible with this version.


                                        Some apps I use on my android phone that won't allow me to install on my Nook HD are:

                                        Fandango, Swype, Underground Weather, (AVG antivirus - I don't want to buy it on B&N), etc.


                                        We need to know the workaround, first if there is an easy no root work around, if not then pointed to the N2A links.





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                                          As to the flash issue, the latest version of Dolphin Browser just added flash support back in.
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                                            It worked. Thank you, Jeremy!!! Still wish I could download straight from my Nook HD, but this will do.
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                                              I have had an issue recently and hope someone here can help. I have several videos loaded to the SD card on my Nook HD. I can play some of them with no issues. Others, though, will get 5, 10, maybe fifteen minutes into the video and then stop and give me a message "Sorry, we are unable to play the video at this time". All of these videos were downloaded from the same site in the same format. Any idea as to what might be causing this and how I can fix it. Any help would be greatly apprciated.



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                                                It is not that the videos refuse to play. They start playing perfectly fine and then in the middle of playing the video, it will stop and display the "Sorry, unable to play video" message. It is my understanding that if it was in the wrong format, it would refuse to play the video at all.

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                                                  Yes, I am sure that the video fully downloaded. I will try MX and see what happens. Thanks guys.

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                                                    Thank you Jeremy!


                                                    The work around you suggested worked beautifully.  It was quick and simple. I thought I would never be able to access/download my books from google play and had tried several methods only to become frustrated after working on it several hours.


                                                    I am now in reading heaven again.


                                                    Thanks again.

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                                                      Worked perfectly! Thank you!!1
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                                                        I set up a profile for my son, and it will not allow the movies I purchased to be watched in his profile. I have tried allowing chrome on his page to see if that will allow the movies, but no. and Youtube on his profile is also out of the question. I get a Blcak Box that says Googleplay has stopped working. I called the support number, but it was so hard to uderstand what the person was telling me because of the accent and she had a horrible time understanding me. I feel like I made a HUGE mistake in buying this a few months ago. The other problem I have that is a major one for me, is the constant rebooting or "updating" of the device that will happen at least once a day and many times up to 3 or 4 times. And it seems to happen every night while I am laying in bed reading, if I forget to disconnet the wifi. With these two problems, I am considering returning and getting a tablet from somewhere else. Anyone know how to fix these???? thanks

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                                                            Try giving them access to Google Services. That should clear up the issue with YouTube. As far as the syncing issue goes I'm clueless as I have that same issue, sometimes its no big deal and others it brings my NookHD+ to a halt.
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                                                              With regards to problems when using a different profile... I'd suggest DON'T.


                                                              Native Android is coded based on each application having an application specific data store. Profiles OTOH imply user-specific data and settings. Unless an application is coded for the HD profile feature its behavior in a restricted profile will be erratic.


                                                              If you were to return the HD and buy a tablet from some other maker you will be in the same condition as operating the HD with only the owner profile. So getting rid of any side profiles on the HD should be a first start.


                                                              For the many sync calls... go through all settings and turn off or extend the check interval... Especially for any of the Google stuff.

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                                                              there is a piece of software many librarys use, it is called OVER DRIVE, and it makes it easy to download books if your library uses it. It is free.
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                                                                I'm having the wireless connectivity issue.  I've turned everything, including the router, off and back on, tried the forget the wireless network, re-entered the password and nothing.  I tried to enter the wrong password and got a wrong password error, but the correct one doesn't work.  It keeps telling me that it's aquiring IP address. I've had it since last Christmas with zero issues until 2 days ago.  Everything else in the house connects to the wireless just fine.


                                                                Any ideas?

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                                                                    I had a similar issue.  I had to make adjustments since I am able to connect to b, g or n with my wireless.  I found that I can connect on b or g but not on n hope that helps


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                                                                      I hope this will help with wireless connection problems. Not all wireless routers or Internet Providers are the same. This may or may not work in all cases. I am sorry. I am not feeling well and I am typing this on my HD, I can't copy paste what should be the first step. ****PLEASE TRY THE OPTION TO "FORGET" YOUR WIRELESS CONNECTION BEFORE GOING INTO YOUR ROUTER SETTINGS. IT IS AT THE END OF MY POST**** Many wireless routers have syncing problems now and then. When this happens and you reset the router, you might also have to reset your password. Most router interface settings can be found by typing your router address in your internet browser on your computer not your device. A typical address looks like It is a good idea to check your documentation for your provider settings, though you probably only have to input your user name and password. When you have typed in your router interface address, you will either see a login screen or your router settings page will appear. If the login screen appears, try typing your user name and password. If it does not accept it, then type "admin" as the user name without the quotes and leave the password blank. This should open the router settings. Check your settings and go to the section that has the user name and password and type in yours and save changes. If the login screen does not appear, but the settings screen does, then you can type your user name and password, double check your settings and save changes. If neither appear or if you are uncomfortable doing this, your Internet Provider will walk you through the correct steps for resetting your wireless router. Once it is reset, your device should have no trouble finding the connection. PLEASE TRY THIS FIRST. I HAVE DONE THIS QUITE A FEW TIMES WITH EACH OF MY NOOKS AND IT CLEARS OUT THE WORKING MEMORY AS WELL. *****It is always a good idea to turn off your Nook and turn it back on whenever your connection is not working or the connection has slowed down. Your Nook should find the wireless connection, but always keep your network name and pass code handy. Restarting your Nook does not always give you a better connection. Sometimes the connection will improve if you click on the Network and "Forget" the connection. Restart your device, allow it to find the wireless network connection and re-enter your passcode.****** My problem is frustrating. I have a new Nook HD and I cannot get the darn sd card holder to open! It says to slide straight out with your fingertip. I have tried every fingertip but I am afraid I will break the card holder! No thread for this one. Just keep trying.
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                                                                      I just got my HD+ and have no issues with it. But in the past I've purchased devices that were quirky at first. My advice to anyone having WiFi connection issues is to make sure the firmware in your router is up to date. It's not hard to do and it can make a world of difference. It may not help, but it shouldn't hurt either. And if it makes things worse, you can always roll back.

                                                                      • surprise your nook was hijacked and wiped clean by the OS update

                                                                        dear nook customer service representatives, you have ALL our emails.


                                                                        Why why why could you not email us and tell us this was going to happen?


                                                                        This morning, I am running to work, and opened my nook HD+ to check an email, and lo and gd behold, it is back to slate one and wants me to register it and reset up every gd thing!


                                                                        Why do we have to re-register, re-download all our apps and books and games and everything?


                                                                        I am FURIOUS with your lack of communication and serious LACK OF UNDERSTANDING of customer needs.


                                                                        When Apple updates my iphone OS, I get a warning before hand, and it does NOT require setting up the phone anew.


                                                                        An actual response would be welcomed.

                                                                        • Random Reboot Issue

                                                                          My nook HD+ had a Random Reboot. That's the problem!




                                                                          I have restored most of my setup. Google play store is down for the count, however.



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                                                                              It sounds like your Nook did a factory reset. If so, it may not have the latest OS, version 2.2.  Check your device info in settings. 2.2 was the version that introduced Google Play Store, I believe. You may need to update the OS. Or it may do it automatically eventually.

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                                                                                  Yes, it has the latest operating system. It is barely a year old.


                                                                                  This nook HD+ suffered the so-called "Random Reboot" issue, and yes, it forced a factory reset for no apparent reason after working perfectly since purchase.


                                                                                  It seems this problem is a known trouble. Many people have reported having such an issue.


                                                                                  DOES ANYONE HAVE A REMEDY?


                                                                                  OR IS THIS A FAULTY UNIT NEEDING REPLACEMENT?


                                                                                  I had the same problem before with my nook 1st edition, but it ran for almost three years before it began doing the "Random Reboot" problem repeatedly.

                                                                                  I am really disturbed that my nook HD+ is doing it and it is only a year old.


                                                                                  I treat all my electronics very gently and with care.

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                                                                                      Out of curiousity, what kind of case do you have it in? I started out with one of the heavier "book type" covers and then moved to the Groovy (much lighter, like it a lot.) BUT, it doesnt really protect the power button much. So if you put it in bag/briefcase (especially an overstuffed one) the odds of accidentally involking the bump the power button/then the n button 8 times and accidentally resetting it to factory settings increases. (Doing it twice in one month taught me that lesson, and got the briefcase cleaned out :smileyhappy:  )


                                                                                      If its only happened once, not sure its worth worrying about yet. If it starts happening all the time, thats another story....