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    Can you sort payments by book?

      My first 2 books are planned to be out at about the same time.  All the  proceeds of one will be going to charity.  Is it easy to break out those payments, especially once I get more books out?  I want to keep the ones going to special causes separate without lengthy sorting.


      Thanks for any assistance.

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          Well, it's super easy if you export the file to Excel and sort that way. But that's dependent on having and knowing Excel.

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            When you get paid - your payment report sorts it by how many copies and how much money you made by title. So use Excel to do it during the month (if you like watching it as it accumulates) and then for each payment - just print your payment report. Of course the payment reports and the actual reports are off a little. Some of us are thinking the reporting periods and the actual accounting periods don't quite match up since most of us were shorted on our first payments.