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    Payment Day

      So today is the big day, I've already received and now spending DTP's Oct. payment. I'm hoping the BN payment system is as smooth so I can pay more bills I undertook with the understanding it would be.

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          I agree got my DTP UK payment last week, got my US payment this morning. I'm looking out for my B&N payment to be in there by tomorrow morning.


          Hopefully there's no issues.

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            The pubit sale s page now days the Dec period is Sales from Dec 1, 2010 to Dec 28, 2010 instead of Sales from Dec 1, 2010 to Dec 31, 2010, what happened?


            Is a period (month) 4 weeks starting on the first Wed and ending on a Tuesday?

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              I was thinking today was the big day too.  I went back and read the agreement and it says:


              Barnes & Noble will pay Royalties on their respective eBook sales approximately sixty (60) days following the end of the calendar month during which they make the applicable sale. At the time of payment, we will make available to you an online report detailing sales of eBooks and corresponding Royalties.


              There was 31 days in October which puts the 60 day mark tomorrow.  It also says approximately which could mean a few days before, or a few days after.  I wouldn't panic just yet.  I figure that if they pay us with the next week, that is approximately 60 days. 


              The pubit program is also new.  I would assume that there will be a few bugs that need to be worked out over the next couple of months, but overall this should be a good experience for all of us.  I have been selling ebooks for a couple of years now and I think it is a wonderful experience.  This industry allows you to have your works published, marketed, no inventory to maintain, sold with all the applicable taxes and other hassles all at no cost to us.  On top of that you can receive a monthly royalty check every month with no additional effort.  This would never be possible with the big publishers.  I am grateful for what we have.


              As a side note, I wouldn't be surprised to see that we were paid tomorrow.  I believe it would make sense tax wise to pay us before the new Year.

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                I'm really hoping they will pay in 60 days, which is today. Amazon and my other publishers always do it a few days early, to make sure they aren't in breach. It will do me some tax damage if they don't meet their contractual obligations and pay us today.


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                  It doesn't really matter tax wise when you actually get it. It's when you earn it. Nov and Dec will be on your 1099 for this year, but you won't get those payments until the end of Jan & Feb.


                  However, I think it would be in B&N best interest to get as much money off their books as possible otherwise they could end up paying taxes on it as if it was profit if it's just sitting in an account on 1/1

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                    I forgot that the Sales page reflects figures ending two days prior to the current. That change was made a couple weeks ago.


                    Now the question is Why did the payment email come announcing a payment for the Dec period but the Sales page still show a Dec period? Should tracking not now be for the next period? Should we not now have a Jan tab?


                    The DTP (Kindle) period ended the 28th, another channel I use ends today. How do the pubit periods run?


                    Oh, and although I received the email that I could check the payment info on my sales page and that a payment had been made my sales page shows no payment and nothing has hit my account.

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                      wat the other channel do you use?

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                        I am disappointed with Pubit's handling of payment. To send us emails saying we have been paid, go to our sales page and check it out, then to have nothing there is no good.


                        If there was some sort of explanation, it would have helped. But instead silence. I was hoping for more.

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                          I'm very sure it will be there Monday. They wouldn't be holding out payments extra days to acrue more interest on our money would they? I got bills to pay to Man.

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                            The point is that there is only silence.


                            I and many other authors and publishers were told to check their sales tab to see the amount of the check being sent for "pay day."


                            As I said in a previous post, when I checked it, there is nothing there.


                            All I expect is a prompt explanation. Is that so unreasonable? No, I don't think so. As I said, this is so typical of businesses today.


                            If you send me and countless others an email telling us to go to a link to see our pay, make sure it works -- that's all. And if you know it doesn't, let us know by posting on here or sending a second email. Simple, common courtesy -- and good business.

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                              Amen, amen.

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                                I too received the payday email notification, that included the invite to see the payment in my account but it rather says "no payments issued" when I go to my sales page.


                                Additionally, all of my sales have disappeared again and while I said in my last post that I would not be bringing the subject up again, this was after my own tales tab page was finally updated, so I figure they will want to hear from we who are affected by this newest glitch. My sales page apparently was one of the last to be updated and likey due to my having 30 e-books for sale, all of which I authored (I mention this because of the new fad of re-publishing works that appear in public domain - I stick to my own).


                                I have a few books in print on B&N as well but have no idea what the sales on these are because I've so far seen no instruction on how to view them. They may have not yet provided that ability but will be nice if that becomes available as well.


                                My firm suspicion is that Pubit! will have the issue fixed soon but I have to admit it was a bit frustrating seeing all of my sales disappear again. My sales for October alone were over $100. and another problem I have when sales disappear for a few days is that no new sales accrue in mine during thse times and for as much as a week following the glitches. I'm figuring that the released payment will appear in my bank and on my sales page, along with my sales numbers, within a few days.


                                I really believe this is frustrating for B&N as well and I give them credit, not only for making this opportunity available to us publishers but for doing their best to work out the bugs as they get the site more streamlined and functional. Certainly we all get a bit frustrated because these are our life's works but I believe patience will be a vertue with all the future opportunity we have to look forward to with B&N/Pubit!.

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                                  Got paid this morning! Pubit kept its word and I feel relieved. Onward to publishing more titles.

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                                    Thank you for the help. I would really like to close this thread now, maybe someone else can make a new one.