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    G5 game App Sale

      G5 Entertainment game app sale, all at 50% + off.


      Since they put so much effort and time into releasing for Nook, give them some props and cash. All of their games are PC/IOS ports of quality adventure/puzzle games.


      G5 games for Nook


      Dont know how long this will last.



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          Yeah, I've seen their apps do well everywhere. Even iOS. It's worth a look to see if you like any of the games they have on offer.


          I think Virtual City, Supermarket Mania, Airport City and Mahjong Artifacts are the ones I've seen that have good reviews across most app stores.


          And I'll second what Green Planet said - If App Developers see good sales and good reviews then they'll be more likely to port over more apps. A company like G5 that's porting over most of their apps deserves praise.