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    Nook HD battery charge levels constantly changing

      I have had my Nook HD for a little over a year.  For the last week it will not hold a charge.  It says it is charged and the light is green, but when I unplug it the battery drops to 63%.  Then I plug it back in and the battery drops to 30 %.  The battery charge just changes and changes.   I have called the help line and they suggested a hard reboot.  I did this and it lasted 1 day before the Nook started to do the same thing.  Now the help line says I can buy a newly refurbished Nook for $101.00 because it is out of warranty.  I have read online that others are having the same problem.  So it seems to be a manufacturing defect. I am truly disappointed and am at a loss. Is anyone having the same problem?  Has anyone found a solution for this problem outside of buying a new device.  If I cannot find a solution I am going to buy a Kindle!!

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          If I didn't have so many books, I'd be switching to Kindle too.  My Nook HD is starting to have these problems too.  I might take it in for a replacement since I did get the extended warranty.  I think I'm going to ask for an e-ink Nook for my birthday and switch to a Samsung tablet when the Nook HD bites the dust. I am using both the Kindle and the Kobo apps as well as the Nook reader, so I can't just switch to an e-ink reader 100% unless I get one of each.

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            This is just a question for those of you experiencing this problem. 


            Are your devices in covers? If so, have you tried taking them out of the cover (both to charge and use) for awhile?  A long, long time ago on the NC or NT forum, someones device had some wonky battery issue. Removing it from the case solved the issue. 


            It's worth a try.

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              Ahh, yes, I too am having the same problem!  From reading the other posts it sounds like this is an ongoing problem and purchasing another brand may be the way to go.  I wonder if the ipad has any such problems.  This will be my last Nook HD+ color!


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                I see that this is a common problem.  I have been experiencing the same issue.  I assumed the battery needed replacing and went into a B&N store to inquire.  Was told batteries cannot be replaced in Nooks and my only option was to buy a new device.  I know these aren't the most expensive devices but expected to get more than a couple years of use out of them.  What's most frustrating is that B&N is unwilling to address the issue. 

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                    I too am having the jumping charge levels, but it seems to me that it only happens if my battery charge is in the red and is below 15%. It takes me several tries with the cable for it to start charging when this happnens. The first attempt to charge the battery would cause the light to flash between green and orange for several seconds. Even though the charge pop up comes up, and the battery indicator has the lightning bolt, I would notice that the charge would have dropped one or two percent and say "Discharging" even though the cable is completely inserted at both ends. I have to keep taking out the cable several times before I can get it to stop flashing and start charging. As annoying as this is, I'm glad to see that it's not just my unit that is affected by this and that it is indeed a manufacturing issue.


                    dreamqueen wrote:


                     What's most frustrating is that B&N is unwilling to address the issue. 

                    And I agree with you dreamqueen. Barnes has horrible customer service. Especially at my local store, it seems that they hire only idiots over there. They can't even locate my held books half the time! Guess my RL name isn't weird enough for them to remember properly. :smileyfrustrated: