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    Comic files don't appear on micro SD card

      I have several different 32GB micro SD cards, the intention to put a load of comic files  (CBZ & CBR) on the card without using up all my table memory, and I get the issues all the cards; the USB card adaptor used is rated to 32GB.


      These files work fine on my PC, they work fine on my tablet when added to it's hard drive; using perfect viewer or comic rack.


      The problem I get is that I can copy the comics over to the card and fill up the card, I check them before removing the card and they are there ok. Put the card into the tablet and only about two of the folders contain anything.


      So I remove the card and attach it to my PC again, the folders are there but no files inside them. Probably two or three max folders have any files in them, yet the memory of the card is full, and won't let me copy the folders over again.


      So, I format the card as it won't let me copy again (FAT32), and start the process again, this time checking the files work. Again the first two three folders, the files are ok and work, and the rest exist in the file but won't open as the first files do with comic rack.


      I remove the card and re-insert it and find that the folders containing the problem files, are now empty; yet still the card is showing as full and won't allow me to add anything else. The folders that have the files that work only add up to about 10GB max.


      Has anyone else suffered this issue? can anyone help, it's been driving me crazy for weeks now.