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    Nook Audio 0E250?

      http://www.slashgear.com/nook-audio-coming-from-barnes-and-noble-soon-03221369/?utm_source=pulsenews&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+slashgear+%28SlashGear%29 sounds interesting, stumbled across this on my pulse app. The fabled dock? Legendary external speakers? Mythical musical store hint. Or new headphones :smileytongue:
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          Interesting... Any nook release related to audio would make sense to be linked to a music store IMHO... It's interesting if the "music" store were labelled "audio" rather than just "music"... That could spell a store that is limited to more than just music? Music and Audiobooks maybe?
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            The 0E250 part is kind of intriguing... What could that be code for??
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              the folks with the article don't know the product line well:


              " may well also just be an addition to the already released NOOK Touch and/or NOOK Color e-readers. These units do not have speakers currently in them"


              The Color has a speaker.  A bad one, but a speaker - and a headphone jack.


              The touch has neither a speaker nor a headphone jack.  So unless it has Bluetooth, and BN is finally going to do Bluetooth support, the Touch isn't a candidate for this accessory.... 


              I took a good hard look at the ipad 2 and 3 this weekend, and was very tempted to buy one or the other.  If the 32 gig ipad 2 was still available (it's no longer being made) I might have bought one.

              I'm glad I didn't, though.  I'm not thaat pleased with the Asus Transformer I have, but a lot of that's down to the speakers - the rest of it's okay but not great (the screen, in particular, is prone to internal glare.)  Looking at the iPads and realizing why I'd given mine away a couple of years ago, I thought about what I'd be getting an ipad for.  It really was down primarily to a media streamer with good speakers.  Quite a bit of what I'd be doing would be (trying) to get access to files stored locally, not to copy them to the device but to read them off of where they're stored now, since the itunes requirement's a giant pain. 

              The new display on the iPad is lovely.  But unless I jailbreak it I have little control of what app does what, and little ability to copy files to it from most of the computers I use - none of them have iTunes at this point (by design) and many of them can't ever run it.  There is a technical challenge to getting my local storage visible to an iPad that I think I'm interested in taking a run at again (my wireless network is very strictly segregated from my wired network, and getting apple's bonjour traffic handed off between the two turns out not to be simple on the generation of firewall that I'm using, but I know much more about this than I did two years ago.)

              Since the new iPad has such a lovely display, though, any apps on it are going to take up far more room.  So  I can't see a reason to buy the 16 gig model, which would mean dropping 600 on a device that would do less for me than one I already have in the house (just because I have an investment in Android software already and am able to run many apps across all of the devices I have.)

              So I took a look at what bluetooth speakers were available at Best Buy, and found that the selection was fragmented between the cellphone and the tablet areas (and probably one additional area, since I never laid eyes on the Bose bluetooth speaker.)

              I wound up rejecting the perfectly-sized Rocketfish setup, because I've never been pleased when I've bought a Rocketfish anything and because what reviews I could find (using the iPad) were mixed and tried a Logitech speaker very similar in form factor (and device identifier) to the Z515.  It will take a mini stereo input, so it I wanted to run a wire to it, I could use it with the Nook Tab or Color as-is.


              It paired easily with the Asus, it sounds ok - not like the audiophile kit I used to put money into back in the day, but ok.  So I realized,  I have a speaker that will work with the Asus, via BT with the NC if I decide to tear out the Nook software and use CM7 once and for all, and potentially for the NT if BN ever decides to enable Bluetooth on the device. 

              So, I read a bit more about these kinds of speakers, and decided to try out an Altec-Lansing InMotion Air.  The reviews that I read tended to fault the speaker for not having "enough bass," but the folks who'd listened to the Bose system felt it had far too much bass and a terrible crossover, leading to muddy overall sound. 


              The A-L's are the second things I've ever bought at Radio Shack and been pleased with (the first being a shortwave.)  They sound quite good - they don't have a subwoofer and aren't trying to emulate a car stereo with giant bass tubes in it, which is fine with me. 


              They also come with a very good bluetooth USB adapter, a class 1 BT transmitter. 


              What I've figured out since then is how to get that to work with the Synology storage box at the house, which has a pair of USB ports and an e-sata port.  I use e-sata for backing it up and one USB port for telling it to shut down when the UPS sees I've lost power, so I had a spare.  And I was delighted to see that I could fire up the audio player on the box, tell it to stream via USB, and it was able to talk to the Altec-Lansing gear without any trouble. 


              Now, if I want to listen to music, I can do that without fiddling with a computer for much time at all, and if I want to watch something on the Transformer I can do that and hear it very well.  I suspect, but am not sure, that the sound from the A-L is a bit better than the sound from the  Sony soundbar + stereo receiver + subwoofer that I set up a bit back to supplement the TV. 


              So, if you're looking at doing audio from your device and are running a mod that enables that Bluetooth, definitely look at whether you're able to use a Bluetooth speaker.  The A-L is very nice;  if you want to pair with a phone, you might want to look at the (very small) Jawbone speaker as well.  Both have some nice phone integration features as well as the audio playback part.


              I haven't tried booting the NC into CM7 or the NT into CM9 to see how well those do, but probably will get around to it at some point. 

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                So i can confirm now that i've seen them in store, that the IE nook ear buds are 20 dollars. Havent seen the big ones yet. Much cheaper than the other headphones barnes ans noble sold for nook in the beginning. ( they were like 30 bucks at least.)