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    on the positive side. The battery on my HD+ kicks butt!

      My NC ALWAYS had to be charged every day, sometimes more frequently if I was using it a lot, even though I kept wifi OFF, brightness way down, etc. My HD+ has pretty much run with the wifi on at all times and I do charge it every night, but I've never seen it below the 50% mark except when I was watching videos on it (er..the one time I watched videos on it). In fact, I've rarely seen it below 70%. That's very positive in my opinoin. I would probably get even better if I turned the wifi off all the time like I do with the NC. I'm a pretty heavy user of my devices.


      I think that's why I didn't return it when it was driving me crazy. Still drives me semi crazy but I'm hoping the kinks get worked out. I didn't think it would wean me away from my NC so fast but the time I get on a battery charge has me using it pretty exclusively and my NC is even rooted. hmm..go figure. :smileyhappy: