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    "Library Synching"

      My "Nook HD" regularly shows me a notification saying "Library Synching". 


      1.  What is it TRYING to do?


      2.  How do I STOP it trying to do this?  I can't locate anything in the settings that enables me to stop this.  I find the notifications aggravating.   I bought my NOOK HD to read books.  But because it has wifi I occasionally check email, with a brilliant programme called "K9".  But I don't want anything else happening on the thing.





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          86 views of this message so far, and no replies, so it seems no one knows what "Library Synching" is all about, or how to stop it.

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            As others have said, it's checking to see if there's anything new to download and noting where you are in the book so it will open to the same page on another device.  Have you tried turning wifi off?  I would think that would stop it from tring to sync.

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              The only time the syncing on my device is intrusive is when I have a flakey wifi signal. My HD+ is incredibly sensitive to fluccuations in the signal when most of my other tech copes fine. Happens to me when my isp is 'upgrading' my service or messing with junction boxes to fix other peoples service.

              Also,  a full power down will trigger a sync, so putting the device to sleep instead may help to reduce the amount of syncing it does.

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                Thanks for all attempts to help.


                After posting my message yesterday I went to work on my "Nook HD" to get rid of that annoying "Library Synching" notification.


                The notification is not caused by poor wifi.  The wifi connection is excellent.  So, clearly, some app or part of the operating system is springing into life, to do this "Library Synching" business.


                I decided to home in on all apps connected with Google.  Damned Google, interfering Google, Google that wants to know everything we're doing, that watches everything, that records everything, . . . that probably want to "synch" everything!


                So I went: All Settings > Applications > My Apps, and then went down the alphabetical list to the Gs, where I found:


                Google Account Manager

                Google Backup Transport

                Google Bookmarks Synch !!!

                Google Calendar Synch !!!

                Google Contacts Synch !!!

                Google Partner SetUp

                Google Play Services

                Google Services Framework

                Google Text-to-speech engine


                I disabled the three "Synchs", as marked by exclamation marks above. 


                Result: no more grey notifications of "Library Synching" while I'm reading my books!


                And I'm still opening and closing my books without any problems.  They each open at whatever page I closed them at.


                And the the three Google apps have not been re-enabled by the Nook on start-up (although I'm still using Sleep Mode, and have not yet done a hard boot).  But if a hard boot reactivates those three Google "synchs", at least I'll now know what to do!



                It seems the problem has been solved.