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    Can't find some eBooks on new NOOK HD+

      I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this same problem.


      I've recently bought the new Nook HD+ and I'm making sure that I have all my eBooks, Magazines, Shelves, and especially my Wishlist on this new device. So I'm adding all these eBooks that I have on my NookColor Wishlist but then I hit a glitch when I'm searching for Carly Phillip's Serendipity series and can't find the first book:




      which I know is an eBook since it's on my NookColor Wishlist and I found it fine in the Shop on my NookColor.


      I also fan into the same problem when I found all the books in Deirdre Martin's Blade Series but that last one:






      Hip Check  


      And I also know that it is an eBook since I found it on the first try in the Shop on my NookColor and was able to add it to my Wishlist with no problem.


      This is really frustrating me after I spent a lot of money to buy this very cool Nook HD+ to replace my NookColor but if I'm going to have a problem finding some eBooks on my new Nook.

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          Nope, all my books are showing up (keeps fingers crossed.) Product details for the books you mentioned indicate both indicate that will be available on HD+ Re: Serendipity, if this is something you truly want to purchase soon, I would send Alex a PM to see if he can light a fire under someone to flip the switch on this book (but keep in mind its xmas eve, people probably have off for holiday.) Re: Hip Check is a pre-order, not to be released untik 2/13. Suspect someone will flip the switch before then. OT, but out of curiousity, why do people pre-order ebooks? Hard copies I understand. Why not just buy the ebook when it comes out?
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            I am also having this problem.  If I search for books by Kalayna Price on my HD+ I get

            Grave Witch

            Once Bitten

            Twice Dead


            I have Grave Dance and Grave Memory in my library and they are available online.  Also if I shop for Books/New releases there are only 41 books that come through.  This is my main profile and it is an adult profile.  I don't want any filters on that.  If B&N is focusing on what they think I like they need to quit because in spite of my having purchased 500+ books (OK many were free but they are all B&N content) they have no idea what I prefer to read.

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              I have had this same issue. I owned a Nook Tablet and had a very extensive Wishlist. I spent an entire afternoon transferring all the books in that Wishlist into my new Nook HD+. Several books were missing when I searched the shop. For example, I could not find The Yard, by Alex Grecian. So I searched using author name. I find Alex Grecian, but the only book it shows is a pre-order for his new book that's coming out in May. Even when I looked under the "More Like This" tab I still couldn't see The Yard. I eventually bought the book using my old tablet. Two hours later it showed up in the carousel on my HD+. I think this is a database issue on the part of BN. If I had to make a guess, I would say that they are moving their databases to cloud servers and that there is still some overlap with the original database servers.