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    Can't find some eBooks on new NOOK HD+

      I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this same problem.


      I've recently bought the new Nook HD+ and I'm making sure that I have all my eBooks, Magazines, Shelves, and especially my Wishlist on this new device. So I'm adding all these eBooks that I have on my NookColor Wishlist but then I hit a glitch when I'm searching for Carly Phillip's Serendipity series and can't find the first book:




      which I know is an eBook since it's on my NookColor Wishlist and I found it fine in the Shop on my NookColor.


      I also fan into the same problem when I found all the books in Deirdre Martin's Blade Series but that last one:






      Hip Check  


      And I also know that it is an eBook since I found it on the first try in the Shop on my NookColor and was able to add it to my Wishlist with no problem.


      This is really frustrating me after I spent a lot of money to buy this very cool Nook HD+ to replace my NookColor but if I'm going to have a problem finding some eBooks on my new Nook.

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          Nope, all my books are showing up (keeps fingers crossed.) Product details for the books you mentioned indicate both indicate that will be available on HD+ Re: Serendipity, if this is something you truly want to purchase soon, I would send Alex a PM to see if he can light a fire under someone to flip the switch on this book (but keep in mind its xmas eve, people probably have off for holiday.) Re: Hip Check is a pre-order, not to be released untik 2/13. Suspect someone will flip the switch before then. OT, but out of curiousity, why do people pre-order ebooks? Hard copies I understand. Why not just buy the ebook when it comes out?
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            Thanks, NookGardener!
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              Phoebe Jordan, all my books are showing up too.


              NookGardener, a few cases where I've preordered


              a) For Gifts. You don't forget.


              b) Where the store promises delivery on day of release. This, though, is mostly with physical goods.


              c) For Books that are on the edge of my interests and I might never run into them again.


              d) Deals that are time-limited deals and preorders. Publishers used to have these for the first book in the series when the second wasn't yet out. There was also a George Pelecanos book that had a $1 preorder offer.

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                I am also having this problem.  If I search for books by Kalayna Price on my HD+ I get

                Grave Witch

                Once Bitten

                Twice Dead


                I have Grave Dance and Grave Memory in my library and they are available online.  Also if I shop for Books/New releases there are only 41 books that come through.  This is my main profile and it is an adult profile.  I don't want any filters on that.  If B&N is focusing on what they think I like they need to quit because in spite of my having purchased 500+ books (OK many were free but they are all B&N content) they have no idea what I prefer to read.

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                  I have had this same issue. I owned a Nook Tablet and had a very extensive Wishlist. I spent an entire afternoon transferring all the books in that Wishlist into my new Nook HD+. Several books were missing when I searched the shop. For example, I could not find The Yard, by Alex Grecian. So I searched using author name. I find Alex Grecian, but the only book it shows is a pre-order for his new book that's coming out in May. Even when I looked under the "More Like This" tab I still couldn't see The Yard. I eventually bought the book using my old tablet. Two hours later it showed up in the carousel on my HD+. I think this is a database issue on the part of BN. If I had to make a guess, I would say that they are moving their databases to cloud servers and that there is still some overlap with the original database servers.