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    Good News For Rob Thurman Fans



      Blackout (Cal and Niko Series #6) ,

      the latest Cal & Niko book came out on Monday.  I was up until 3:00 finishing it (unemployment does have its rewards).


      More of everything we've come to expect from the Leandros brothers:  more kickass action, more smartass dialogue, more creative monsters -- an obscure Egyptian demon with an enegetic pack of giant spiders in tow, and a surprise ending in South Carolina, far from their normal New York hunting grounds.


      Oh, and then there's the amnesia.  Can't forget the amnesia.  All this, and amnesia, too -- what's not to like?  :smileyvery-happy:

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          ABthree wrote:


          Can't forget the amnesia.

          Amnesia? I don't remember any amnesia. :smileytongue:


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            I downloaded it right away because I've become a fan of the series too. I was looking forward to making the switch to reading on my new NOOKcolor with this release.


            Did you have any issues with the formatting? There's no indenting or double-spacing to indicate new paragraphs! They do start on new lines but don't stand out any other way, and I find that frustrating. I tried all the formatting/font adjustments I could find and didn't make anything better.


            I wrote customer service and was told they "forwarded your feedback to the individuals responsible for NOOKbooks for correction." I'm still new enough to not know if there's anything else I can/should do....