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    Unable to Download PURCHASED Harper-Collins Titles! :(

      Today, due to a glitch, I needed to download already purchased titles from Fictionwise.com...and was unable to do so.  Each time I'm given an error msg telling me that these titles are no longer available (despite my having paid for them a few months ago).  I noticed that ALL were HarperCollins books. 


      To me it's like Fictionwise (or Barnes & Noble) snuck into my home & stole books from me. 


      What sort of compensation will you be giving customers who, in good faith, purchased titles from you with the belief that we'd ALWAYS own these books...not just whenever you're not bickering with that corporation?  When catastrophic issues occur which wipe out our backups/data & we need to access and utilize the bookshelf to access these titles again to download - it should not be conditional to your problems. 


      I would like some sort of official response regarding this matter since I feel that it's wrong to pull this over on your customers WITHOUT at least trying to COMMUNICATE with them first about possible potential problems (like your negating purchased titles).



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          I don't think Fictionwise reads this board...


          From the Fictionwise TOS:


          9. Ebooks. After purchasing any downloadable eBook or product from Fictionwise.com, it is the Fictionwise Member's responsibility to download the eBook or product within 1 hour of purchase. If you believe an error has been made in the purchase, please do not download the eBook (you must contact us explaining the error at support@fictionwise.com). Once you download the eBook, then it is impossible for us to refund you for it. Please note: Because of the constantly evolving nature of the eBook industry and eBook formats, we do not guarantee that eBooks you purchase from Fictionwise will always be available in the formats that we "currently" support. That is why it is important that you download the eBook in the format of your choice immediately after purchasing.

          Fictionwise, however, will make efforts to keep the product listed and available for download in the Fictionwise member's "Bookshelf" for one week, and longer when possible -- but this is not guaranteed.


          Even more significant, the following is at the bottom of every emailed receipt:


          NOTICE: You should download your purchases as soon as possible. Fictionwise will maintain your purchases on your bookshelf for at least a week, and longer if we can, but that is not guaranteed. Make sure you back up your files.


          The good news is you will probably have access to your books when things straighten out with Fictionwise distributors.  This is why I have several backups of all my books, including an online storage site.