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    New App of the Week or Update?

      I thought it would be good to start a thread where a New app that is a significant new app gets announced by our Nookcolor Clan, hopefully by one that purchased and using it.  A complete review would be nice, but even just an announcement will help others to go check that app out.


      In addition updates to apps already out there, which we think is important for others to know about.


      Current App Count 254 on 6/17/11


      Today I checked updates for B&N apps, and the Fliq, notes, tasks, calendar apps had an update.  I was really hoping that the copy and paste problem with Fliq Notes was fixed.  I had reported it to Markspace the developers, and they acknowledged the problem but so far no fix.  Markspace lists in the Release Notes, "optimizations for Nookcolor".  I would like to be able to copy n paste at least between Fliq notes, and even between other Fliq apps.    I honestly can't understand how something so basic has been overlooked by Android.