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        kahnweiler wrote:

        I guess nook just needs to step up to the plate and provide some of the most wanted apps before driving people mad with rooting and re-rooting on every software update.


        How hard can it be to include a decent podcast, audiobook app or to work with third party offline content providers to make their apps available(NPR, PBS, SCIFRI, etc.) 


        I appreciate Nook being just a reader(not-a-tablet) but IMHO these apps are must for Nook-state of mind people.

        Yes, this has been my argument for a while. B&N needs a small group ~ maybe two/three programmers and a contacts / relationship manager ~ to identify those non-ad-supported free apps that would make valeu-added complement the core B&N media purchases. If they are commercialproprietary, download them, run them. If they work well as is, contact the distributor to invite them to submit it to the Nook app store. If they have a problem, contact them and offer to work with them to fix the problem to support a submission to the Nook app store.


        If there is a high quality open source solution, they can go through the same process, but if the developer / developer-community is not interested, they can just fine tune it to the Nook devices and release it themselves, with appropriate offer to provide source for those who wish it.


        Also, and this would be the same group since its a complementary activity, go through the in device Nook app searches, identify searches that have matching apps that are not propery keyworded and add the search terms being uses, and for searches that do not have a matching app, include them in their list of apps to consider for soliciting.

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          N2A! Works perfect for me
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            I am scared of rooting and what not for my nook. Not to mention I don't understand half of what I am suppose to do. I wish Google or Nook would come up with an licensed app that we could use as a birdge of sorts. I would even be willing to pay for it. I love the Nook HD Plus machine, but I don't like the restrictions....
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              It is upsetting, as a B&N advocate, that the company would literally state that my nook hd was android system operated. I asked before I purchased. 


              I can't get general apps I use daily like: Bank of America account management app, Facebook, CNN... Just to name a few. I purchased my third nook because of size and portability but without necessary daily uses what good it aside from being just a reader. If you are going to label a product Android system based then provide that or don't call it a tablet. It then becomes a fancier, more expensive e-reader. 

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                For facebook you can get by using





                Either will work well in browser.



                I wasn't aware that B&N was selling it as Android based. Where did you see that? I don't see any mention of Android ( perhaps I'm missing it).

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