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    Missing Samples

      Up through January or so, all my titles has samples available for people who were thinking of buying a book. My sales were steady and decent. I noticed, though, that the samples attached to my books are now missing. No one can try before they buy. I thought this might be a fluke, but then it appeared on Dear Author today and seems to be a wide-spread issue for people who self-pubbed erotic romance or erotica titles (though it may extend to those outside those genres, but that's the circle I run in). Many books now have no sampling, and sales are dropping. People won't buy what they can't sample. (In fact, one commentor called B&N to ask about my titles in particular, and B&N told them they would contact me for a sample. Excuse me? Samples were there before, they are not now. This isn't my issue.)


      I've emailed B&N, as have others, but since I almost never receive a response via any email inquiry I send, I thought I might post here. Sampling is incredibly important, a necessary marketing item, and if the traditional publishers of erotic romance and erotica don't have their sampling stripped, I'm not sure why those of us who use PubIt! (because I use PubIt! as a micro publisher, not just to publish myself) should.


      I did think to remove my titles from the Erotica category, but I feel that it would be disingenous to readers to do so. I would really appreciate some sort of response to know what's going on.



      S.L. Armstrong