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    Frozen Start Up screen

      Haven't used my Nook Simple Touch in a few weeks and when I took it out today I noticed it was stuck on the start up screen. It states  "Read Forever" and then underneath "Your NOOK is starting up..."

      I have charged it (by PC and in the wall) and have tried the hold the back button for 30 seconds, let it go for 10, and then hold it for 10 again. I have tried holding down the power button and n buttons at the same time and varied how long I did each.

      The most I am getting is a flicker like something is going to happen but then it goes right back to the start up screen. When I connect it to my PC, it appears like it's turning on and off. It makes the connect/disconnect noise whether it's being moved/touched or not. I also cannot pull up any info or options in my computer.

      It's making me quite sad. Anyone have any other ideas?

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          Possibly a weak battery combined with a defective cable that's preventing charging?

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              I wonder if it's maybe a problem with my Nook where I plug in the cable because I have tried my Nook cord and a different micro USB cord I had with the same issue.

              I have never had a battery issue before (have had this Nook since Oct. 2011) but I guess it could be?

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              I just recently had this same issue with my Nook Simple Touch however I was able to get it booted up while it was plugged into the computer.  I did notice that where the battery idicator was there was a battery sign with a "?" in it.  I thought this was very strange so then I looked in the settings under device info and the battery said it was charged 100% and also said "unknown".  This led me to believe that maybe it wasn't making a connection to the battery.  So I scoured the internet and found some picture instructions on how to take the device apart so that I could unplug and plug the battery back in which seemed to work with prevouis Nook models.  When I plugged it back into the wall charger it told me that the battery was low low to power on please wait 15 minutes... thats progress... I think...


              What I did to disasemble the Nook Simple Touch was pop off the power button with my fingernail.  You could probably use a very small screwdriver.  I removed the tiny screw with a very small screwdriver.  And then very carefully with the back cover facing upward slide the back cover in a downward motion toward the bottom of the device.  The cover should then come right off.  I unplugged the battery and plugged the device back in and then plugged the battery back in.  Charged the device and everything seems to work just fine now.


              Putting the device back together seems to be easy enough just follow the above instructions in reverse.  Remember no bending or popping things off is required otherwise you'll break the device.  Also remember doing this DOES void the warranty.  I've always had a blatant disregard for warranties anyway.

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                press and hold all 4 page buttons, after a whole day of trying things, this worked i was sooo happy best of luck.


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                  I have the same problem but I have the first generation nook.  I have been reading it everyday, but yesterday, it just froze.  This has never happened before.  I got this nook as a gift in 2010.  How long does the battery last?  The cord seems fine.  I've charged it both on the computer and electrical socket.  I'm currently on vacation in Barbados, so I only read at night before I go to bed.  Was really looking forward to reading on my plane ride home :smileysad:.  Any suggestions for fixing the first generation nook?