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    EPub Book does not load completely

      I am trying to upload my first book to B&N PubIt.  I have a complete EPUB file that works perfectly with Adobe Digital Editions, but when I upload the book to the B&N PubIt site, even though I get a message that the upload was complete and successful, only about half of the book actually uploads to the previewer.  The previewer shows a message about being at the end of book -- even though it is not the end of the book.  My EPUB file is nowhere near the limit size of 20 MB, so I'm at a loss as to why only half of the book uploads.  I have tried this multiple times over the past week and the same thing keeps happening.  Any ideas???

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          If you look over this board, you'll find many threads complaining about the previewer failing with an early "end of book".


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            Spumoni - I am having the exact same problem although I cannot even get the chapter headings centered on Adobe. I thought the FAQs would guide me through but you need a computer science degree to sort through this. I don't know where to get help from B & N. It appears we just have to upload the text and expect the margins and headings to be off center and hope for the best. Dee

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              Doug -- Thanks for your response, but does this mean that the book has actually fully uploaded and only the PubIt previewer is faulty; or that the upload actually was incomplete?  I did look through this forum prior to posting and noticed mention of a few people with a similar problem, but saw no good response for how to correct it.  I guess the real question is: Do I hit submit and assume that the PubtIt previewer is wrong and just hope that any potential customer who buys the book gets the entire book?  I did email the PubIt Support, but have not had a response.

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                I received an email reply from PubIt Customer Service regarding my question about the book not loading completely.  Here is their response:  "We currently only show a preview of the first 100 pages on NOOK to ensure the the preview returns swiftly and smoothly.  If you are interested in seeing the entire title in ePub, we recommend that you download the ePub file (Option 2 in the Want to make Changes? Box) and open it in our NOOK for PC reader software to do an indepth preview."  I went to  www.bn.com, clicked on the NOOK section, downloaded the free NOOK for PC reader software and installed it on my computer.  I then downloaded the ePub file from my submittal page and saved it to my computer.  Then, I opened that file in the NOOK for PC reader and, YES, THE ENTIRE BOOK WAS THERE!!! It's too bad BN/PubIt doesn't mention that the previewer on the author's submittal page only shows the first 100 pages, as this is certainly the first I heard of it.  Hope this helps all of you who are having trouble uploading your book.

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                   I followed your suggestion. In the previewer on Nook BEFORE the download from the submittal page, the chapter headings were all centered (till the preview ended at about 100 pages). when I switched over to the Nook for PC (with the entire book accounted for) the chapter headings are now OFF center. ??? Same book, same B & N Nook but different results in spacing. Which version will be uploaded? Help

                  I wish B & N would be more helpful in this area.

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                    After hundreds of hours learning the intricacies of pod and ePub nuances (oh, I wish I were kidding!) here are my observations and suggestions; I hope they help...


                    Before you upload, and still in Word format, take very single little gremlin out of your format.  You can find them by clicking on the 'paragraph' icon in your tool bar [it looks like a backward 'P'] errantly placed bullets, auto-numbering, etc. will throw your formatting off.  With the paragraph feature on, I simply sit and 'click down' on every single line waiting for the bullet-indicator light to appear!  ;(  


                    Just walk away, Renee...I gave up one evening, uploaded my ms and went to bed, leaving the window open...the next morning...voila!  I closed the window, logged out, and came back into my account.  Clicked on the 'preview' button and the message 'End of eBook' no longer read after the copyright page - I could progress into the preview;


                    If this does not work, close the preview window and wait a few MINUTES - don't click compulsively, like I do - Wait!  Click on the 'preview' button again and the pages will re-load.


                    If you have the time and the energy [left] to upload and learn a new program, I endorse the Caliber idea...however sticking to a Word-upload-to-ePub-to-PubIt! is supposed to work - damn it!   It worked for my 'Smart Cookies Can Self-Publish' my novel was quite a bit longer and  I use maps so the HTML upload doesn't work as well for me when I upload historical novels...[I simply don't know the tricks, yet] but if you have straight text - go for an HTML upload and see if that gets you beyond that pesky 'End of eBook' message.   emilyHillwriter










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                      Spumoni....what did you use to create your epub file....i have tried a dozen times to upload my doc file and have BN covert it but when it does the pages all run together and with no titles at the top or anything....i am not a rocket scientist so i need help....anyone can help....thank you....a side note...when i save/publish my doc file to a PDF it reads beautifully and completely in the adobe reader.  HELP!


                      I may also be able to convert my PDF to epub but need to know a good application (preferrably free) to make the conversion to epub!

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                        ^^  You may be overformatting.  Check out the formatting guide in the FAQ.  If you're using headers or something, it's probably not going to translate.  The pages will definitely run together because the epub format does not seem to recognize hard page breaks. You just need to put a few extra lines there.


                        Guys, I just wanted to thank you for this thread. I uploaded my first ebook today, and the virtual preview was driving me crazy until I found this.  Now I am all set.  :smileyhappy:

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                          So in other words I should be formatting an RTF instead of a DOC? Then why do they want a DOC?

                          As for hard page breaks maybe that is a problem which may be solved with another carriage return. So far, page breaks are not working for me. I use the Paragraph feature of Format but maybe it is not being interpreted correctly for EPUB. And if centering chapter number is a problem then maybe I should just use "align=left" for everything. If that is the case, I will have to take down every friggin' file and strip out everything before they are happy. So much for "fast and easy".