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    Free Classics

      I was looking to download some of the free "classics" such as The Three Musketeers.  A question to anyone who has downloaded some of these.  How do you figure out which one to download?  In some cases, there are more than 10 versions, saying things like digitalized from the 1908 version, digitized from the 1896 version, etc.  Is there a difference or just the same book from different publishers?


      Also, is there a way to limit the search results to books in English only?  I have nothing against books in other languages except that I can't read them and I'd rather not wade through them looking for what I want. 

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          Personally, I've gotten most of my free classics from other sites.. Feedbooks.com has a lot a great choices, and I've found that generally all of their books are very nicely formatted (graphic starts to chapters, chapters appear correctly on the nook's touchscreen when navigating, etc.). Also gutenberg.org, and there are many others.


          The main advantage of getting a free classic from BN vs. some other sites is that the if you get it from BN, then you can read it on the nook, and any other device that you have the BN reader installed (Blackberry, iPhone, etc.).. Aside from that, it's more about formatting.. And since I've had some pretty dreadful formatting even from purchased books, I tend to get my free classics elsewhere.


          Just my two cents.

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              Thanks, I'll look into those places.  I know there are formatting issues, guess I need to look further into the differences between the different versions published in different years also.


              I only want to read it on the Nook so reading on other devices isn't really an issue, at least not now.  So I guess I should focus on the formatting.