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    Can't Find the Good Stuff through the Noise (NOOKbooks UNUSABLE!)

      B&N listen up: I now go to Amazon to find the books I want (although I may buy them at Nookbooks or Borders or Fictionwise) because at NOOKbooks the listings are flooded with self-publish noise. With no quality control, no editor, and no way of easily finding professionally written material through the wannabe amateur junk. Yes you can download samples, but that gets *really* tedious.


      Can we have a filter for "amateur self-published" so I can ignore? Or put another way, do you want me to use NOOKbooks to find and buy books, or do I need to go someplace with standards?


      I have nothing against self-published amateurs putting stuff on the internet, I just don't have time to sift through it.


      Understand: filter out crap == me happy customer, no filter crap == me going elsewhere!!!

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          same here. i've stopped browsing the nookbook site because im sick of all the pub-it books!!!!

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            Yes, B&N, please give us a filter for self-published books.

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              My main sources of book recommendations are GoodReads, various book podcasts and Amazon.  I've purchased a lot of books from Amazon over the years and I make sure I rate them.  When looking at their recommendations for me, I always check when I'm not interested or mark it when I own it.  Amazon has enough data on me now that their recommendations have gotten really good.  I've been know to sit at my computer with both Amazon and B&N up, checking recommendations on Amazon and adding them to my B&N ebook wishlist.  Frankly, B&N's recommendation engine absolutely sucks.  It offers you 12 books and you don't have anyway to indicate if you read it, how well you liked it, or say that you're not interested.

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                I agree with the recommendation for Goodreads. I find new authors to read by joining book clubs and by following blogs written by reviewers whose opinions I trust. Then there's the ability to sample ebooks -- if I don't like something, I won't buy it.


                Were you aware that before PubIt! went live, self-published authors were making their books available on B&N through other means? Since PubIt! books are getting so much disrespect from readers, some authors are skipping it in favor of using those other channels. Their self-published books don't get the PubIt! logo, and readers are none the wiser.




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                  Thanks for the recommendation on goodreads, however: I know there is merit to the site, but what I like to do is to browse new books as they come in. If something looks interesting, I may look at a sample, or if it is an author I know, I'll buy it. Goodreads does not fit that pattern (again, I see the merit), it is a bit more work and does not specifically cover new ebooks at my favorite ebook store.


                  B&N is really screwing this one up. I've got the 3G Nook and now am feeling burned -- I still like the Nook, but the tie to the Nook bookstore is worthless.


                  If B&N wants my business, they make it so (and by default) I don't have to wade through crap.


                  I've just opened an account at borders.com. Periodically I will check back on B&N and would consider returning if they fix this, meanwhile my purchases will be made elsewhere and I'll sideload for now.


                  I read a lot too.

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                    I don't mind the PubIt! books being listed (especially since I'm an Indy author myself), but I have gripes too...


                    Classics that have been scanned and *somewhat* formatted for ereaders clog the system immensely and should be sorted into the proper categories instead of being listed as "new". The length of a book should be noted somewhere as well...it really irritates me when I download a book and find out it's really a "novella", Grrr. (Even a word count would be beneficial-for example; in my genre, contemporary romance, the average word count should fall in the 80-100k range for)


                    On the flip side, I've found some great new voices at ridiculously cheap prices (sometimes free). Since I read about a book a day when I'm not writing, Indies have been great for my pocketbook:smileyhappy:.


                    I don't consider all PubIt! authors amateurs, although unfortunately there are quite a few that fall into that category. One of my best tricks to sort out those who have not truly put in the effort is by dismissing those with unprofessional covers. An author who will spend the time and money to have a cover professionally done have most likely put in the time to have the book edited as well. Doesn't guarantee I'm going to like the writing or story (sample chapters take care of that), but at least it narrows the options.


                    If my suggestions count for anything, I recommend B&N and other distributors take a portion of the 30-35% fee they receive off each PubIt! sale and hire a few gatekeepers who can at least skim and categorize the books appropriately for easier searching...just an idea:smileywink: