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    OT: Best Buy Open Box Items

      Some may already know this, but on the Best Buy website they have all the open box items listed by the city and the store. I was looking at getting another NT for my wife and checking the BB website, when i stumbled across the open box items. I did not find a NT but I did find an iPad 2 16GB, it stated check with store on price. I went into the store and asked about the item, the salesman said let me check. He came back with the iPad, I figured $50 off so it would go at around $350 or so. I asked about the price, it was selling for $260. My first question was whats wrong with it, he stated nothing it is an open box item and has been checked out and carries the same warranty as new. I checked it out found no signs of use and came home with an ipad.


      You may be able to find returned Nook Colors and Nook Tablets that have been returned, if you are willing to check the site from time to time or just go into the store and ask about the open box items. did see couple of Kindles but did not check on the prices. I think I got a pretty good deal at $139 off the regular price. It seems to be a very cool device, I think I'll like it.