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    Nook Color and Tablet charging cables


      If your NC/NT cable is showing signs of failing even slightly now is the time to act.  My store no longer has them in, and apparently they are no longer orderable.  I know this is true of several other stores near to my store.


      So I urge you now to see if you can get a cable.  I also implore you to call 1-800-the-book and complain if your local B&N does not have cables.  Not that the store did not help you, but that they were unable to because of lack of stock of a product B&N makes.


      I've mentioned this sort of thing was on the horizon in other threads.  It looks like it's a bit closer than some had originally thought. 


      And while you should be able to use any extended USB cable, I can see the powers that be citing that as the cause of any defect if it's found out.  Which will just be one more frustration when trying to help people with their older devices.


      B&N really needs to learn what it means to be a tech company.

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          Actually, I contacted BN support and they were under the impression that they were just temporarilly out of stock.  They said more should be available in a few days.  And as of the time of this post the cables are again available online.  I think I'll snap one up just in case.


          I certainly hope they keep these sort of essentials available for quite some time at least online.

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            Mercury Glitch and Flying Toastr - thanks for the updates.


            I think anyone with just one device (and thus just one cable) should get a replacement one as a backup.

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              Yeah at my store we have been out of NT adapters/cords and cords for a long time, you can try and order them through store support I have heard however. I've just been handing out all of our years worth of stray cables and adaptors to customers as I see fit. Some people are just in tears from going to stores and not being able to find cords. Cords breaking was BY FAR the number one issue of the NC/NT. so now that we have replaced it with a 30 pin dock, everybody is complaining about their old cords not being able to fit *facepalm*  But I am happy to be able to have some to give out at all.  You can technically try and use another cord from a similar device but it may damage your battery, theres no way to really tell.


              I'm also angry that we received no warning or memo on the discontinuation of devices or updates or any kind of direction on how we can continue to support our customers who bought this device right before Xmas 2012 and are now needing cords and adapters. Just one day we stopped getting devices and cords and we're left to fend for ourselves. On the 'plus' side, we do have plenty of NT/NC cases of which they are still 25-50 dollars in price. *facepalm* They should all be changed to $10-20 dollars at most right now in my opinion.