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    Need to change password to email

      Recently I had to change my email password.  How do I change it on the Nook?  I can no longer retrieve email on it...it cycles and cycles and cycles...

      Thanks for help!

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          This is how I changed my Yahoo password. Perhaps it will work for your account. 


          Launch the email app.

          On the top line is a dropdown menu containing your email acclunt name. Open the menu.

          Select Accounts from the dropdown menu.

          On the righthand side of your account is a gear icon representing settings for your account. Select the gear.

          A Settings page should appear.  At the bottom should be Server settings for the Incoming and Outgoing settings.

          Select the Incoming settings and change the password.


          Hope this helps.

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              Pete, thanks for the help.  I tried the solution, hopefully!  But I get the message that the setup could not finish. It says it could not open connection to server and I only changed the password while on this page..nothing else.  I then tried to adjust the outgoing email settings and got a message which says "Authentic methods are not supported by server."

              I am so confused, now...not sure how to proceed!

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              It may also be as easy as going to the B&N website - going to My Account, and then go to settings and look for Change EMail, Password, or Name.  I changed my password there this morning.  I have to get somewhere without wifi in order to get my Nook to quit cycling and then I will change the settings on the Nook back to factory. ( I was tooling around following the suggestions of writers in a hope to fix things and it is now cycling in an endless search for a server based on the incorrect info I gave it.)


              It may be as easy as this - go to the website and manage the account settings from there instead of through the nook account settings.  Hope this works for you!

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                Hi i`m having the same problem..... have you resolved it ????  I had to change my e-mail password and

                now my nook will not except it......  Let me know if you don`t mind : )

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                  If you need to change the pw to your Nook email app ...

                  1) go to your email app

                  2) select [Accounts] from the pull down options at the top

                  3) touch the "settings symbol" to the right of gmail, yahoo or whatever account you use

                  4) select "incoming settings"

                  5) type your new password

                  6) click [Ok]


                  note: you may have to do the same for "outgoing settings"

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                    I am having this problem also.  I need to change the  POP email account password, but when I go into the email settings and change the password, when I hit OK, it tells me Username or password incorrect (530 Access denied). 

                    I have tried it with incoming and outgoing, neither will work.  What is the solution?


                    ***My solution was to delete my original POP email and reenter everything with the new password.  It worked.***

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                      I have the Nook HD and have to do this every time my email password is changed:

                      Open your email program/app.

                      Click on the Tool/Gear icon in upper right corner

                      Choose email Settings

                      Click on my email address to show more settings

                      Scroll to the bottom and choose Remove account; click OK.

                      Click on Add account, e.g., type in email address and password; click on Next.  It will say checking incoming server settings.

                      Go through the steps to remove it and then type in your email address and new password.

                      You are now on account option.  Click Next.

                      Type in your name so that emails that people receive will show who it came from.

                      Click on Next.

                      Your email screen shall come up.  You are done.