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    My Nook Hd+ wont turn on

      So its been over a week since it wont turn on. the first 2 days i thought nothing of it so i just left it alone. Next day i charged for more than 6hrs and still wont turn on. i thought that it was because it been plugged in for too long so i left it unplugged in my room for 2 whole days. still wont turn on today iplugged it in and when i came back from school it still wont work. please if help   if can. By the way can i go up to bn and take my nook hd+ with me so that they can help me with these problem

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          First of all, yes, you can take the Nook to a B&N store. The employees will be happy to assist you.


          When you have the Nook charging, is the charging light next to the plug on the bottom orange or green?

          When you attempt to turn it on, is there any activity on the screen, or does it remain completely black?  


          Try this: Press and hold the power button and n button simultaneously for 20 secondsWait for 15 seconds for it to start automatically. If it doesn't restart by itself, then press and hold the power button for 4 seconds.


          Hope you get this fixed. Don't hesitate to take it to your B&N store.