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      Is it possible to use your own customized avatar and if so how is this done?

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          Your own customized avatar? Do you mean on this forum or on the Nook?

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              On the Nook.

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                  OK, you'll have to search. I remember someone mentioning you could add images or perhaps icons to some folder and then they would be available to use for the profile. I'm just not sure where it was. You could try by copying them to a few of the folders like thumbnails and pictures and seeing if that works.

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                      Thank you for the instructions - it worked.  They really should make the manuals more user friendly and give the instructions on how it should be done instead of it can be done.

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                  On my Nook HD this is how I put my own photo as my profile picture

                  Take a picture in jpg format and save it in the following folder (connected computer to nook via the 32 usb)

                  Computer\MyNOOK\Internal Storage\My Files\WallpaperHelper

                  edit profile – choose change image – choose wall paper helper under gallery vs avatars

                  select your photo – you will be asked to crop and save.  That’s it your done.  I hope this helps as I just spent a while figuring this out myself.