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    Re-syncing contacts

      When I first setup my new Nook Color I had the option of syncing my contacts from my Gmail account. I didn't notice at the time that it only synced 5 out of 48 that I had. I really don't want to enter the remaining ones individually, so is there a way to do the sync again? Also, how come it didn't bring the contact pics over on the sync?


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          I'm having issues, too. I changed a couple email addresses in my GMail account online. I was looking for a way to re-synch the nook color to make the corrections as well. Unlike Contacts in Gingerbread rooted nook colors which have a tab to touch for re-synching, the stock B&N Contacts doesn't seem to have one.


          My guess then was to go to Settings, then Social (under App Settings), then Unlink Your Account (under Google).


          When I do this, I can check my Contacts and see that they're now gone.


          Then I repeat the above procedure, except that the last step is Link Your Account (under Google). With this, I expected to see my Contacts reappear as corrected, but the corrections are not made.


          I even powered the nc down and restarted it, but I'm not getting the new Contact information from Google's GMail to appear.


          Is this a known issue or are we missing something on the nook color?