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    Magazine Icons Display

      I am having a problem where I have viewed a magazine or cancelled a subscription on a magazine. And although all issues have been deleted and the subscription has been properly cancelled, the icon for the current magazine still appears.


      This is happening in Nook for Android 3.1.10. I was told to uninstall and reinstall - still the same issue.


      I logged into my same account on my IPhone application and it is fine.


      I think there is a bug here with the Nook for Android, where it is gathering information from the website to display all magazines and newspapers listed in my Manage Subscriptions page. Books work fine!!


      Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.



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          Has anyone figured out how to resolve Christy's problem. I am having the same issue with cancelled magazine subscriptions displaying in the Nook application. I have cleared the application cache, uninstalled and then reinstalled the application, yet the thumbnails are still displaying on my Galaxy Tab 8.9 but not on my Nook Color. Any help would be appreciated!



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              Have you gone to the website "My Library" to confirm that all copies there have been deleted?  I had a similar problem in an earlier version and discovered that even though I had deleted magazines from the app they were still in My Library on the website.  After deleting them from the website they disappeared from the Nook App.