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    Question about Apps

      I have an iPhone and spent alot of money over the past year on Apps through iTunes. Am I assuming right that I can not download anything from iTunes to a Nook Tablet?


      I have a first generation nook ereader. But looking for a Tablet. Trying to save up for an iPad, but the cost is so much better on the Nook Tablet. BUT I don't want to have to Re-buy apps, like Angry Birds etc, that I already own and paid for through iTunes.

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          You cannot load iOS (iPad, iPhone, or iPod) apps on the Nook Tablet.  In some cases, you may be able to share content.  For example, if you have the Nook app on your iPhone, your Nook books will also show up on the Nook Tablet.  The app selection in the B&N app store is limited, so if you want to run apps, you should research whether they are available. 


          To get the broadest selection of apps, you will need to root the tablet or run something like Android for Nook from a micro SD card.  I had rooted my NT, but have since returned it to stock and I am using Android for Nook.  When running Android for Nook from my SD card, I have full access to the Android Market (Google Play) and a huge selection of apps. If I want to use it as a stock Nook Tablet, I reboot into the Nook operating system.  It is the best of both worlds for me and does not void your warranty.

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              Great thanks for the input! Maybe I will stick with a Nook Color when I am ready to upgrade my reader. I am so torn, lol! I love gadgets...I want them all! :smileyhappy:



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                  Have you looked into Android for Nook for your Nook Color?  It gives you the functionality of a full tablet with Google Market access.  You can also use the Nook to Android (N2A) but it is more expensive.  Both are good options.  The new iPads look great, but I love the size of my Nook Tablet and with Android for Nook, it does everything I need it to do.  So, while I would love the new iPad, I'm not sure what I would do with it that I can't already do with my NT.

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                Thanks for all the replies. I am definately not tech savvy lol Guess I have a decision to make *sigh* lol